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Try Loom Knitting {Craft Challenge, Day 36}

After all the weaving this week, I pulled out a different kind of loom and did some loom knitting. Knitting looms are available at craft stores in all sorts of sizes. Some are sized

Take Pictures of Your Day {Craft Challenge, Day 14}

We’re two weeks into the new year! How’s it going? Have you been a little more creative these past few days compared to last year? I hope so. Today’s challenge is another easy one:

Crafty Blogger Links, Week One!

It looks like a lot of my crafty blogger friends took the week off at the end of the year and didn’t have a lot to share with us, but I do have a

Tiny Hats, Or How to Choose a Charity to Support

I have always liked the idea of volunteering and giving more than just money to a cause, but the thing is, I don’t really like doing the things that volunteering for a lot of

Why It’s Great for Grownups to Try New Things

It’s really good for adults to feel stupid from time to time. Or if not stupid, at least awkward. Painfully out of your depth. So excruciatingly new at something you’re not sure you’ll ever

Yarn Bomb Your Bag with Knit Purse Strap Covers {Iron Craft Challenge}

The idea for this week’s Iron Craft Challenge was to make something just for you. It was supposed to be, in fact, a treat, but I went with something completely practical, something that fixed

Knit Egg Cozy, or a Hat for a Plastic Easter Egg {Iron Craft}

Earlier this week I shared a post on Craft Gossip about a sweet little free knitting pattern for egg cozies that have bunny ears. Adorable, right? Someone on Facebook had the gall to comment