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Painting with Pine (and Fingers) {Art Experiments}

We tried another semi-failed art experiment yesterday involving painting with a little pine bough. The girl was excited about giving it a try, picked out some colors and decided this was going to be

An Art Experiment Gone Awry

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. That’s a pretty obvious statement, but when it comes to creating with kids, it’s pretty much always true. Yesterday morning the girl wanted to look

The Day My Printer Rained on My Parade {Iron Craft Challenge}

This week’s iron Craft challenge theme was “Rainy Days,” and for some reason most of the time I was thinking about what to do, all I wanted to do was make an umbrella out

My Awesomely Spectacular Craft Fail of the Day

You’d think I’d learn. I’ve been taking part in an every-other-week crafting challenge all year now, and I still end up procrastinating and trying to make the whole thing on the day before (or

What We in the Business Call a Craft Fail

The Internet is full of lies. We sanitize our Facebook and Twitter posts to show only the smiling faces, the victories, the highlights. Of course we want to focus on and share the good

In Which Pinterest Fails Me for (Probably Not) the Last Time

Ahh, the Internet: making hard things look easy since the online tutorial was invented. One of the very first things I ever pinned on Pinterest (20 weeks ago!) was this tutorial from A Small