Accidentally Cool Watercolor Marker Art {Kid Craft}

The girl made this butterfly at school. Clearly it was coloring and cutting practice, because each part of the butterfly was supposed to be colored a certain way, then cut out and glued onto

How to Move Past a Work-Related Loss in Four Not-So-Easy Steps

Several friends of mine have been commenting on Facebook recently about losses and struggles at work, including one friend who recently saw a project shut down that she’d put a year of work into.

How to Sell a Pattern on Craftsy

(This post contains affiliate links which means I will be compensated if you purchase after clicking these links.) Most of us know Craftsy as a great source for crafty classes on all sorts of

A Cardboard Castle Art Display {Kid Craft}

When you leave things lying around the house where kids can access them you never know what will happen. I have written before about the girl’s found object constructions, and I love that she

Joyce Carol Oates on Writing and Reading

Joyce Carol Oates gave a reading here last night, and while the time we got with her was much too short, I certainly found it inspiring. She mostly read, but she talked a little

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Awesome

I’m to the part in my book where I feel like I need to be doing nothing but knitting all the time. The reality of deadlines has finally sunk in, and I’m paring down

Make Your Own Plant Markers {Kid Craft}

We’re doing our first real garden since the girl was born, and she’s pretty excited about it. We bought a little raised bed kit and have lettuce, broccoli and strawberries — all things she