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How I Choose What to Read

reading list

I love to read, but since the Bit came along I feel like I don’t read enough and I’m not reading the “right” things when I do. I read a lot of knitting books (hey, it’s my job) and try to balance that with things I want to read and things I feel like I should read. I know having ... Read More »

Developing a Reading Challenge

reading challenge

My friend and fellow blogger Julie is great at setting — and meeting! — audacious goals when it comes to reading. Today I invited her to share some of what she does when setting reading goals in the hope it will inspire of all us to be more thoughtful readers. Thanks, Julie! Hello! I’m Julie and I blog over at ... Read More »

Blog Editing Tips, Part One {Craft Your Blog}

craft your blog editing tips

I have worked for a lot of my professional life as an editor, but I know that editing your own stuff isn’t always easy and doesn’t come naturally to people who aren’t trained in the skill. But you can still polish your posts without too much trouble. I have so much to say on the subject I think this will ... Read More »

A Fleece Skirt with Heart {Iron Craft Challenge}

fleece skirt with heart

Challenge number three for Iron Craft at Just Crafty Enough was hearts and flowers. I’ve done plenty of things with hearts this year, but I still had a few ideas floating around, and one of them was to make a simple skirt with some sort of heart on it. I knew I wanted to make a simple fleece skirt with ... Read More »

Moments of Gratitude with Bigelow Tea

gratitude bigelow tea

I was never a tea or coffee drinker growing up, though I was introduced to the joys of a local coffeeshop when I was in high school. I came to tea drinking later in life, but I’ve certainly been making up for lost time. I’m always cold, so I love a cup of tea by my side, but I also ... Read More »

A Couple More Cute Valentine’s Projects

knit robot

I’ve been doing a lot of writing for other people lately, so I thought I’d share a couple of other projects of mine that you can find elsewhere on the web. I completely love the Heartfelt Robot, which is a simple knitting pattern embellished with a little heart for Valentine’s Day. But it’s a cute token of love throughout the ... Read More »

A Valentine from a Knitter

knit heart charms

In the spirit of embracing creative challenges, as I have been trying to do this year, I signed up to take part in a “mystery muse” program this month, which involves giving two handmade gifts to someone and receiving two gifts from someone else. I decided to make my first gift a knit heart, because it’s that time of year, ... Read More »

A Colorful Valentine for Kids

homemade coloring book valentines

Last year I made chocolate playdough and cute animal-print cards for the kids at the Bit’s school, so I kind of felt like I had to do something homemade for them again. It’s fun, and I don’t like giving the kids candy, so why not? This year I decided to do an alphabet crayon for each child with their first ... Read More »

Goodbye, Old Friend

hackberry tree

Husband and I have been rather hard on trees in our life together. Days after we moved into our first house, a huge tulip elm in our backyard got hit by lightning, taking out the top third or so of the tree. Luckily it didn’t hit the house or the fence, but it had to go anyway. A few years ... Read More »

Art Makes You Happy

kid art

After consciously choosing “Create Space” as my intention for January (which will be bleeding over into February because my space isn’t completely created yet) I shuffled my remaining 11 One Little Word cards to determine what I would focus on for the other months. For February I got “Create Art.” The card says Play with colors, materials, subject matter Craft ... Read More »

Make a Valentine Holder from a Jeans Pocket

jeans heart pocket

I’ve been full of the Valentine crafting spirit lately, but a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing has been going to other blogs. So I’ll be inundating you with reports of guest postings (and more crafts here, too, no doubt) to help get you in the heart-filled spirit. First up is this fun one I made for Emily at ... Read More »

Creating Intentions {One Little Word}

create pendant

I’ve talked a couple of times about the fact that I’m participating in the One Little Word project that Ali Edwards does each year. The intent of the project is to have participants focus on one word throughout the year. Instead of making resolutions, you make decisions based on whether they resonate with your word. My word is create. Being ... Read More »