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Sleep Talking


Last year I tried out for Listen to Your Mother with not so good results. But it made a good story for the blog. This year, I’m happy to report I will be a part of the cast! Locals, the readings will take place Thursday, May 30 at the Walton Arts Center. Get tickets quick; it’s in the little theater ... Read More »

Quick Creative Tip: Use All the Paint

finished painted paper

I don’t know if you ever paint anything on your own, but if you or your child ever uses paint you’ve probably noticed there’s usually some paint left over at the end. Next time you have this issue, don’t toss the paint or wash it down the drain. Spread it around a bit on your palatte (I’m using a super ... Read More »

Inspirational Imagery


When I decided at the beginning of the month to focus more on my own — and your — creativity, I made myself two promises. The first was that I would do morning pages every day, and so far I’ve kept up with that, though they have occasionally been evening pages. The second was to take more pictures, specifically pictures ... Read More »

A Big, Green Felt Board {Iron Craft ’13 Challenge}

felt board tree

The prompt for this week’s Iron Craft was green, meaning either the color green or somehow recycling/reusing something. I knew just what I wanted to do. I have a big piece of green felt leftover from the Bit’s felt Christmas tree that I wanted to make into a felt board. It happened that the felt was just about the perfect ... Read More »

Melissa & Doug Easter Shop and Giveaway

We don’t really celebrate Easter, but this time of year it’s a little difficult to avoid or resist all the adorable pastel stuff and baby animals. Just the sorts of things that little girls love, too. So the Bit may well end up getting an Easter basket, or a spring basket, and because that’s how this family works, odds are ... Read More »

A Quick Recycling Craft for Kids

diy ispy

I have a million things I want to write about right now, but the weight of having just a handful of days between me and spring break (and only a few more between me and Blissdom, and way too many details that need to be ironed out, like how I’m actually going to get there…) means that I need to ... Read More »

Pretty up Your Day with Washi Tape

washi clip art wire

Like a lot of crafters, I’m kind of obsessed with washi tape. This pretty paper tape is available at craft stores and super stores, anywhere with a crafts section. It seems like a simple thing, but it’s a great way to pretty up everyday things and get a “craft project” done in no time. Why Washi? I think it’s great ... Read More »

A Challenging Month {One Little Word}

My focus for February was supposed to be “Create Art,” which I intended to mean playing with different kinds of art and craft and just making lots of stuff. I mixed my cards at random and I’d really hoped to get this month later in the year, when I’d made more time in my schedule for regular creative pursuits outside ... Read More »

Getting Back to Morning Pages

morning pages quote

As I thought about launching this public creative journey last week, I tried to think about things I could do every day that would keep me connected to and focused on this goal of mine to be more creative and to help you all hopefully be more creative, too. The first thing I thought about was morning pages. The second ... Read More »

A Slight Change in Focus

painting creativity

I chose the word “create” as my word for the year in part because I feel like I am a creative person but I don’t always feel that creative. Crafting is my job, and all too often it does in fact feel like work, and that needs to change. The more I think about it, the more I realize I’m ... Read More »

Green Playtime

st patricks day dress up

Husband is out of town this week, so I’ve been trying to have something special set up for the Bit after school each day to get out of our routine a little bit and make it special instead of sad. The Seuss stuff was one of these. And the next day I tried a playdough invitation on the theme of ... Read More »