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Staking Out another Crafty Corner

not consumed

A couple of months ago I took an online course that was all about planning blog content and tools that would make blogging easier. While I’ve only sort of kept up with the program (and need to get back into it soon!), one thing that did comeout of the class was that I met LaToya, an amazing mom of two ... Read More »

Easy Origami Boxes {Iron Craft Challenge}

origami boxes

This week’s Iron Craft challenge was to make something from a country other than your own. When I went to the library by myself last week I was casting about for something cool to craft, and I settled on origami, which is maybe a little obvious, but it’s something I always wanted to try. I decided to start simple, since ... Read More »

Take Yourself to the Library {Creative Play Date}

library books

I go to the library with the Bit at least once a week. We have a really awesome library with a great children’s section full of computers with educational games (now with touch screens so I don’t have to work the mouse for her, but she’s learning), tons of puzzles and lots and lots of books. But I never get ... Read More »

On Being (and Remaining) a Beginner

cross stitch

I came home from BlissDom with a lot of books, and the one I read first was the one I got last, Jon Acuff’s Start. (The title made me do it.) It hasn’t been released yet but they did a special printing for BlissDom, which made us all feel special. This isn’t really a review of the book, though I ... Read More »

And Then It’s Spring {The Reading List}

It’s cold and rainy today, the first day in what I hope is the last stretch of cold, rainy weather before the warm spring weather really sticks around. We’ve had flashes, and the clover is out so at least our yard is green, but we’re definitely in that transition period. It’s a time when it’s kind of hard to believe ... Read More »

What We in the Business Call a Craft Fail

melted perler beads craft fail

The Internet is full of lies. We sanitize our Facebook and Twitter posts to show only the smiling faces, the victories, the highlights. Of course we want to focus on and share the good stuff. No one wants to be friends — even just Facebook friends — with someone who complains and is negative all the time. But I fear ... Read More »

Make Your Own Hair Elastics and Headbands

elastic headband diy

This is a craft that’s been floating around the Internet for a while, and I can in no way take credit for it. It’s also about the easiest thing in the world. Taking the time to drive to the craft store is the hardest part of this one. These hair ties are popular because the elastic doesn’t crease your hair, ... Read More »

Quick Creative Tip: Create with Your Kids

collaborative art

If you’re a mom with a child who likes to get into the art supplies, get in there and draw or paint or whatever with your kids. Even better, draw or paint something together. When you’re working with a younger kid, you can let of of some of the need to make something “good” or “pretty” and just follow your ... Read More »

Peep Printmaking {Iron Craft Challenge}

peep printing

The Iron Craft Challenge for this week was to craft something with or inspired by Peeps. I already knit a Peep Rabbit this year, and I was planning to knit a chick. I had the yarn, and I took it with me to BlissDom and … didn’t knit a stitch. Surprise, surprise. So I decided to do something just a ... Read More »

10 Awesome Lessons from BlissDom

arkansas blissdom

“Awesome” seemed to be the adjective of choice at BlissDom, the giant blogging conference that happened last weekend in Dallas. There were reasons for that. Scott Stratten, the morning keynote on the first day of the conference, has a book called The Book of Business Awesome, which was given to all attendees. (Note: The FTC would like you to know ... Read More »

Sleep Talking


Last year I tried out for Listen to Your Mother with not so good results. But it made a good story for the blog. This year, I’m happy to report I will be a part of the cast! Locals, the readings will take place Thursday, May 30 at the Walton Arts Center. Get tickets quick; it’s in the little theater ... Read More »