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a spin on productibity

Never a Perfect Day

I have been writing a lot lately about morning pages, and how they are a sounding board for me and really let …

finished objects year of making

My #yearofmaking So Far

I’ve told you about my little word for the year, but I also decided to take on another challenge for 2015: a …

sticky goop

Green Goop Sensory Stuff

I wanted to name this post “Corn Starch is Magical” because that’s basically what this is about. Cooks know that corn starch …

castle small world play

How to Encourage Small World Play

As a brand ambassador for Better Beginnings, I am being compensated for this post, but all thoughts are my own. Do your …

morning pages

How I Do Morning Pages

When I talk about doing morning pages — which I do kind of a lot — I often get questions about how …

adding black painting

Making Art with Mix it Up

I usually let the girl choose all the books we bring home from the library, but on a recent trip (in which …