Make a DIY Dreamcatcher Out of Crafty Leftovers

One way that I like to challenge my creativity from time to time is to play with crafty leftovers, to take things from other projects or just items from my stash and see what

Crafty Link Share Week of Nov. 9

My crafty friends have been busy this past week sharing all sorts of good stuff. (And speaking of good stuff, if you missed my leftover Halloween candy cookies recipe last week, go check that

Notions: Enjoying the Process of Making Art

One of the things that is great about making for kids and adults alike is when you can get engaged in the process of creating more than just trying to get a thing done.

4 Amazing Paper Crafting Books

Paper folding and paper cutting — also known by the Japanese terms origami and kirigami — are big trends in crafting right now, and lots of beautiful paper crafting books are being published to

Frugal Family Linky for November

Hi there! This month we’re trying something different with the linky (and may be trying more different things in the coming months/new year to make it more valuable for people) and going to a

A Gentler Approach to Fall’s Challenges

I don’t know why it is that November is the month with all the challenges. I guess it started with NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month. There’s also NaNoReadMo, started by Austin Kleon, which

Homemade Paint Recipe and Experiments

It’s always fun to make your own craft supplies, whether for your kids or your own use. I’m still enjoying the homemade gesso I made a few months ago and need to make a