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felt flower wise craft

Use What You Have with Help from Wise Craft

I’ve been in full-on use what’s in the house mode this year, so I was pretty excited to stumble upon the book …

my frugal activites

Frugal Family Linky for February 12

Welcome again to the Frugal Family Linky. This is a place to share money saving, creative, eco friendly, family friendly ideas and …

knitting project stuffed with yarn ends

What to Do with Leftover Yarn Ends

I’m a knitter and yarn crafter, so I end up with a lot of little bits of yarn. Not just odd balls …

why we make things and why it matters

Why We Make Things and Why It Matters

Sometimes when I’m at the library for a specific purpose (like picking up a book for my Reading Women project) I can’t …

my recent frugal posts

Welcome to the Frugal Family Linky!

I’ve always wanted to host a link party but didn’t want to start one from scratch, so when I had the opportunity …