Frugal Family Linky for May 14

Hello and welcome again to the Frugal Family Linky! I’ve been thinking hard about some frugal projects, like making some new cloth napkins since the ones we have are getting pretty ragged, but so

Tunisian Crochet Basket

This week’s Iron Craft Challenge was about making something that looks like something else. I had a problem coming up with what I wanted to do, and then I thought about Tunisian crochet, which

4 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar {Craft Your Blog}

I am usually a planner by nature, but you wouldn’t know it lately. After writing a few weeks ago about how much I love to do lists and calendars, I haven’t been using either

Frugal Family Linky May 7 and Top Posts from April

Welcome to this week’s Frugal Family Linky! We like to look back each month at some of our favorite posts, and give one of our co-hosts a chance to tell you a little more

Make a Mini Bunting for Your Fairy Garden {Or Whatever Else}

Last week I shared my fairy garden that I made for the girl, which she is still loving, by the way. I mentioned that I wanted to make a mini bunting, and I finally

How to Read More Books

It’s been almost six months since I announced my quest to read more women authors. It has not been going well. In my defense, I started with a super-long book, The Tale of Genji,

Frugal Family Linky April 30

I’m kind of in denial about it being May tomorrow. This year is going so fast! I expected to be farther along in my decluttering efforts by now, but I am making some good