Entertaining Kids while Traveling: What We Really Used

We recently went on a week-long vacation to Florida, and while I want to tell you a lot about what we did, today I want to focus on what we packed. My biggest worry

Notions: Getting Your Life Together

Today is the first Monday of school, though the girl went back on Thursday. It feels like a new year in a way to me, too, since I was basically not working for almost

DIY Chalkboard Sign for Back-to-School

The girl started kindergarten yesterday, which both was and wasn’t a big deal. She’s been in all-day preschool since she was almost 2, and she’s at the same school she was last year. She

Frugal Family Linky August 13

We’ve been busy this week enjoying the last few days of summer as much as we could — the girl started kindergarten today! So, not much to report other than I’m back and ready

Notions: Back-to-School Tips Edition

The girl starts kindergarten on Thursday, and while I’m trying to be all cool about it because she’s been going to preschool since she was almost 2, I’M ABOUT TO HAVE A KINDERGARTENER and

Frugal Family Linky August 6

We’ve been trying to cram as much fun — and as little working! — as possible into the brief summer break my daughter has (two and a half weeks thanks to a school “summer

Notions: Weaving for Beginners

I’m kind of obsessed with weaving. As a yarn worker, I think of it as a great way to use up yarn in a way that can be artistic, useful or both. I have