Want More Weaving? Check out the Kids Weaving Class at CreativeBug

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Try Loom Knitting {Craft Challenge, Day 36}

After all the weaving this week, I pulled out a different kind of loom and did some loom knitting. Knitting looms are available at craft stores in all sorts of sizes. Some are sized

Dark Chocolate Snack Mix with Ghirardelli Chocolate #ASweetPairing

This post has been compensated by the Women Bloggers LLC, in partnership with Ghirardelli and Josh Cellars. All opinions are my own. I guess it’s a sign of impending middle age that I have

Make a Yarn Wall Hanging {Craft Challenge, Day 35}

With all the yarn crafting that I do, I end up with lots of little lengths of yarn all the time. Some of them are truly tiny, and I collect them to use as

Make a Cardboard Loom {Craft Challenge, Day 34}

I’m still obsessed with weaving over here, and this is a great little take anywhere kind of project (I had it in my purse yesterday afternoon!) that will allow us to talk about some

Crafty Blogger Links, Week 5

This week’s crafty blogger linkup includes some awesome jewelry made with guitar strings, an easy candle you can make for Valentine’s Day or any time, my look at found object printmaking and a lot

Crocheted Flower Hair Clips {Iron Craft Challenge}

There’s always an Iron Craft Challenge around Valentine’s Day to make something involving hearts and/or flowers. Last year I made these adorable crocheted hearts and a little felt envelope to put them in. They