Frugal Family Linky July 16

I’ve started sewing again, which has been so much fun. I don’t know if sewing is particularly frugal, but I am only using fabric I already have, so at least I’m not spending more

Easy to Sew Cloth Napkins

We have used cloth napkins for years, since before the girl was born. I like the fact that we aren’t throwing away as much paper, and it adds a little cuteness to the table

Notions: Kids, Technology and Vacations

This is the first of what I hope will be a weekly series of posts about cool things I’ve found on the Internet, hopefully all on some kind of a theme. We’ll see. One

How to Entertain Kids on a Trip: On-the-Go Fun for Kids

This needs to start with the big disclaimer that I know the author of this book in an online friend sense. We used to be colleagues at and she has gone on to

Frugal Family Linky July 9

Hi friends! My frugal craft for the week was using paper scraps to make bookmarks. I’m going to try this one with the girl this summer and see what she comes up with for

Mixed-Paper Collage Bookmark

I’m a day behind on the Iron Craft Challenge this week (because it was book launch day yesterday), but the idea was to create something using words. The first thing I came up with

Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer with Learn with Play

Most people’s kids have been out of school for at least a few weeks now, so you might have already gone through all the standard summertime activities the kids always want to do. And