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Get Inspired at the Library with BiblioCraft

bibliocraft sample projects

You can probably tell by how I make my living that I’m a bit of a craft geek, but I’m also a book geek, or at least an aspiring book geek. I read a lot (though a lot of it is books about knitting and crafts, which I somehow feel don’t count) and I’m consistently working toward making myself better ... Read More »

The Season for Slowing Down

snow in magnolia

Now that the snow is mostly off the roads and the girl has been securely delivered to school (I feel like the moms in those back-to-school memes where the kids are sad and the mom is jumping for joy, except here we were both really excited to get back to our routine) and I’m realizing how very little time there ... Read More »

Creating Intentions {One Little Word}

create pendant

I’ve talked a couple of times about the fact that I’m participating in the One Little Word project that Ali Edwards does each year. The intent of the project is to have participants focus on one word throughout the year. Instead of making resolutions, you make decisions based on whether they resonate with your word. My word is create. Being ... Read More »

A Post from the Past {Blogtober Fest}

lengthen a shirt

Today’s challenge form Blogtober Fest is to promote and old post. This is an easy one for me because it’s my most popular post ever. How to Lengthen a Shirt with Another Shirt was born out of the frustration of having a tall, skinny kid whose tummy was always showing in her shirts long before she was ready to go ... Read More »

BBQ Inspiration from the Experts at #DibsOnMyRibs

bbq baked tofu

I’m a big fan of food that doesn’t necessarily take a short time to cook but instead takes a short time to prepare, meaning my time actively working is limited even if the cooking time is long. I love making bread and soups, for example, because even though the time needed for bread to rise or soup to simmer is ... Read More »

Happy Birthday, Baby


The Bit is three today. Three. I can’t believe it. I know all parents say the time goes really fast, but at the same time, three years is a long time, and we’ve been through so much together already. Lots of people I know — grownups and little ones alike — have birthdays right around this time. So I’ve been ... Read More »

The ABCs of AWBU

arkansas women bloggers

A is for Arkansas, of course. It’s where most of us live, and where we gathered for a couple of days to celebrate this weird thing that we do. (It’s also for AllYou, a fun magazine you’ll find at Wal-Mart, which was one of our sponsors.) You couldn’t escape the beauty of our surroundings in Mountain View every time you ... Read More »

Smashing on a Small Scale: The Paper Bag Journal

bag journal cover

Back in June I wrote about trying to do more art journaling, and at some point I ended up buying a smash journal (the Retro SMASH Folio to be precise), thinking that would be easier than building something from scratch. The only thing is, I barely use it, and certainly not for smashing (I’ve doodled a little and done some ... Read More »

Wanted: Local Moms with Adorable Babies

cotton shrug

People who keep in touch with me on a semi-regular basis know that I’m working on a book all about knitting for babies. It will feature a bunch of relatively easy but still fun designs for kids from birth to age 1. The key to any book like this is having pictures of kids in the outfits and interacting with ... Read More »

45 Days

Counting today, there are 45 days left in 2010. Yikes. There are a few resolutions I’d like to make before the year ends, if you’ll allow. 1. I want to post here, like, ever. 2. In order to make number 1 happen, I want to start doing some crafts that aren’t part of my job. 3. I want to mail ... Read More »

Crafty Kitty

There are lots of things I’ve been meaning to write about lately, but I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of my kitty, Mr. Bean, helping me out when I was trying to take pictures on the kitchen floor: The project is Swifty (Ravelry link) from Mason-Dixon’s Knitting Outside the Lines. Thus taking the picture on the kitchen floor. Read More »

Finishing and Starting

The end of one year and the beginning of the next seems like a good time for finishing projects and starting others, so that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Mostly I was feeling guilty about the baby things I’d started before the little one (who is four months old today!) was born that hadn’t been finished yet. I started ... Read More »