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snow in magnolia

The Season for Slowing Down

Now that the snow is mostly off the roads and the girl has been securely delivered to school (I feel like the …

create pendant

Creating Intentions {One Little Word}

I’ve talked a couple of times about the fact that I’m participating in the One Little Word project that Ali Edwards does …

lengthen a shirt

A Post from the Past {Blogtober Fest}

Today’s challenge form Blogtober Fest is to promote and old post. This is an easy one for me because it’s my most …


Happy Birthday, Baby

The Bit is three today. Three. I can’t believe it. I know all parents say the time goes really fast, but at …

arkansas women bloggers

The ABCs of AWBU

A is for Arkansas, of course. It’s where most of us live, and where we gathered for a couple of days to …