Toddler Activities Archive

Painting on Cardboard {Art Experiments}

For her birthday, the girl got a cool set of dinosaurs to paint. We spent the morning after her party painting them (she let me do one; isn’t that sweet?) and kept coming back

Give a Mailbox to Show Encouragement

If you have a kid or know a kid with a birthday coming up or who just needs some encouragement for the new school year, I’ve got a great idea for you. Not too

Sparkly Purple Playdough {Iron Craft Challenge}

This week’s Iron Craft challenge was about glitter and sparkle, which anyone who knows me will tell you is not my thing. The girl is a little bit girlier than I am and has

Finishing Felt Letters {Iron Craft Challenge}

It’s funny that the Iron Craft challenge for this week was about finishing something, since I’m finishing up a year of my life this week! I’ve been thinking a lot about the unfinished projects

Painting with Paint Drops {Art Experiments}

If you’re one of those people who lives on Pinterest like I do (and if you are, won’t you follow me?) you’ve probably seen the pin for the Easy Abstract Painting DIY from Craft

The Best Dollar I’ve Spent in a Long Time

Because the Bit is home from school this week, I’ve been stockpiling a few new/different things for her to play with that will keep her entertained without having to be out of the house

The How and Why of Sensory Bins

This is just the week of looking back at crafty, sensory things we used to love, I guess. Following my report on getting back into water beads (they’ve been out all week in the