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Things I Love: UncommonGoods (Plus a Design Contest)

It’s been a long time since I did a Things I Love post, but I wanted to let you in on my gift-giving secret. I love UncommonGoods. If you haven’t seen it, you must go check it out. It’s a website and they also have a catalog (which I happened to get in the mail yesterday) chock-full of really interesting, ... Read More »

Couldn’t Get Away From Crafting, Even if I Tried

thank you cards

It’s no secret that I love crafting in all its forms. I make stuff for my kid, stuff for me (occasionally). I make stuff for a living (at least in part). I love to make gifts when I have time, and I like to make cards. But. I came across some crafting this morning in a place I didn’t expect ... Read More »

Craft Gossip Fork & Talk Recap

ek success craft products

A rare confluence of crafty goodness made it so four editors from the highly addictive website Craft Gossip happen to live in Central Arkansas. Because of that happy circumstance, Little Rock gets to host an annual meetup of crafty bloggers known as the Fork & Talk. The event is sponsored by EK Success, the crafty company behind such brands as ... Read More »

Things I Love: Documentaries on Netflix

netflix logo

Netflix streaming may be the best thing that ever happened to people who make a living at yarncraft. Probably sewing and other creative pursuits, too. And probably even for people who don’t make a living at such things. It’s so great to be able to find something interesting to watch at the push of a button to entertain you while ... Read More »

Things I Love: Water Beads

water bead manipulation

My recent obsession with Montessori-style play/learning at home has had me reading a lot of different blogs, and there are tons of blogs that mention the fun of using water beads as a play item. I first learned about them from Play at Home Mom (the original post on water beads explains the basics and shows lots of ways to ... Read More »

Things I Love: Homemade Bread Made Easy

finished bread

I love to bake. But even though I’m home pretty much every weekday for about six hours at a time without anyone else in the house, I don’t bake all that much. Or at least I don’t bake a lot of fussy stuff. I really love to bake bread. I would love to have fresh-baked bread for supper every night ... Read More »

Things I Love: Waldorf Toys

My sister-in-law gets me. Or, at least, she gets what are really great toys for kids (she evaluates preschools for a living, so she should) and buys the most excellent presents for my kid. Things I would want to get her myself if I took the time to find them. Before the Bit was born, I said that I wanted ... Read More »