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Notions: Creativity and Kids

There’s a well-known quote attributed to Picasso that says all children are born artists, the trouble is keeping them that way when the grow up. These days, it’s also apparently a problem to keep

5 Ways to Improve Literacy Where You Live

I’m a part of the Northwest Arkansas Bloggers (join us if you’re local!) and this month is the first month we are taking part in #NWArkCares, an initiative to have bloggers give a voice

Stuffocation Urges Readers to Pick Experiences Over Stuff

I’ve been trying to get my stuff under control for a long time. My word for the year is simplify, and while it hasn’t been as easy to carve out the time for decluttering

Want a Kid Who Loves Words? Read Them The Phantom Tollbooth

Even though I feel like I read a lot as a kid, I don’t have a lot of books that I really remember just loving as a child. I didn’t read a lot of

3 Picture Books That Aren’t (Just) for Pre-readers

I have made it clear that we read a lot over here, and we read a lot of different things. But sometimes there’s fun to be had in not reading at all. Some of

5 Classic Books/Series Your Kids Should Know About

Last night the girl knew just what she wanted to read at bedtime. She ran out to the living room to dig in her book basket and came back with a copy of Make

On Reading “A Room of One’s Own”

The prompt this week for that weekly art journal page challenge I’m doing was “somewhere,” and as I was reading it the first thing that popped into my read was “A Room of One’s