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Sew a Door Jammer to Make Your Kid’s Door Close Quietly

door muff in use

The girl’s bedroom has a pretty noisy door, and there have been a couple of times lately where I’ve gone in to comfort her back to sleep in the night, and I’m sure she’s asleep but when I try to close the door it wakes her up. I have randomly seen these things on Pinterest (sometimes called door jammers, door ... Read More »

Sew an Easy Blanket out of Old Recieving Blankets

receiving blanket blanket

I don’t know how we ended up with so many receiving blankets when the girl was a baby. She was a preemie, so we swaddled her for a long time to help keep her warm, but the number of little cloth blankets we had still borders on the ridiculous. When she was too old to use them any more, I ... Read More »

Learn Serging with a Free Class from Craftsy

serger craftsy class

Note: I’m an affiliate of Craftsy, but I have also taken classes from the service and love it. So there. One of my big goals related to crafting for a couple of years now has been to learn how to use a serger. I’ve actually had a serger that I bought myself as a Christmas present a couple of years ... Read More »

Quick and Easy Storage Pouches {Iron Craft Challenge}

clean drawer

The Iron Craft challenge for this week had to do with organizing a space and/or making something to help you organize a space. I knew immediately I needed to tackle my needle drawer; you can see why. This is the top drawer of a filing cabinet, and what it looks like spread out all over my desk. I’m the worst ... Read More »

Cover a Hole in a Shirt Sleeve with Faux Cuffs

faux cuff tshirt

I like to buy as much of the girl’s clothing used as I can, because that way she has a lot of options without spending a lot of money, and it doesn’t matter when they get stained or she grows out of them in half a season. And though the place I do most of my shopping is good, sometimes ... Read More »

Getting Back to the Sewing Machine

kids' tshirt skirt

I feel like this month has been a whirlwind for a lot of reasons, and I haven’t been getting a lot done other than the bare minimum that needs to get done. That goes for writing, cleaning my house and crafting. But since this is the first full week of work I’ve had this year, I’m trying to get back ... Read More »

Terrycloth Pillows for Backyard Picnics {Iron Craft Challenge}

terrycloth pillow case

The Iron Craft challenge this week was to make something that you could wear or use at a picnic. This challenge actually lined up perfectly with something I was already planning to make, which was some pillows for our backyard. I’d been thinking about getting some outdoor fabric, or using a plastic tablecloth or something, when husband said I should ... Read More »

Making Time to Create {One Little Word}

I know the month is half over already, but I wanted to mention my June focus for One Little Word. It’s really a perfect one for me right now: A Time to Create. Because May was a little extra-super crazy, I was feeling that I needed to get back to more simple creating and that I needed to make a ... Read More »

From Mom Jeans to a Cute Skirt {Summer of No Pants}

denim skirt mom jeans

My upcylcing ways continue this week with my Summer of No Pants skirt made out of an old pair of jeans. These jeans were not all that flattering to start with (as case of the Old Navy gateway mom jeans phenomenon) and they were about to get a hole in one knee, so I figured they were ripe for a ... Read More »

Summer of No Pants: Upcycle a Dress into a Skirt

finished upcycled skirt

I bought this dress at Target last summer. I don’t know if my daughter was with me so I was in a hurry or if I just temporarily took leave of my senses, because I bought it without trying it on. It’s a beauty, and I love it, but I can’t zip the damn thing up. I get about three ... Read More »