Sensory Boxes Archive

The How and Why of Sensory Bins

This is just the week of looking back at crafty, sensory things we used to love, I guess. Following my report on getting back into water beads (they’ve been out all week in the

Pompon Sensory/Discovery Activity

After the Easter eggs, which are actually still out (though we haven’t played with them in a week or two), I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go with our next sensory/discovery/whatever box.

Easter Discovery Bucket

I have been calling these seasonal boxes that I’ve been doing for the Bit lately “sensory boxes,” and I guess they are, because you certainly engage your sense to explore them, but this Easter-themed

64 Sick Day, Rainy Day, Any Day Activities to Do with Your Toddler

When the Bit was sick the other week, I decided to keep track of all the things we did during that day, just to see how we managed to entertain ourselves and to document

Sensory for St. Patrick’s Day

While the Bit was home sick last week and busy playing with something else (I think at this point she was drawing on her white board) I decided it was time to finally dismantle