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Encourage Kids to Try New Vegetables with this Fun eBook

There have been times — and there still are — when food has been a struggle for us with the girl. We like a much more varied menu than she does, and would be

Pare Down Your Yarn Stash with Style with Knitless

As a yarn crafter, I know I am not alone in the problem of having too much stash, yarn kept for someday projects that might never happen. And while fall and winter are great

Learn the Basics of Sensory Processing, Plus Lots of Activities to Try

I am a part of the Sensory Processing 101 affiliate program, so if you click on a link in this post and buy the book, I’ll get a little money. I’d appreciate it if

3 Books for Kids Who Love to Make

My daughter’s school just opened up a tinkering studio, which is completely awesome and I want to live there. It’s great because the school is really dedicated to STEAM education so there are circuits

How to Entertain Kids on a Trip: On-the-Go Fun for Kids

This needs to start with the big disclaimer that I know the author of this book in an online friend sense. We used to be colleagues at and she has gone on to

Tips for a More Creative Family Life from the Artful Parent

There are so many great crafty bloggers out there who share art and learning activities for kids, but one of my must reads is Jean Van’t Hul, blogger at the Artful Parent. Her site

Learning to Write with William Zinsser

In his book, On Writing Well, William Zinsser says all writers should read E.B. White’s The Elements of Style once a year. I feel the same way about his book, though admittedly I hadn’t