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A Simple Way to Spring Clean Your Air

essential oil air freshener

This is one of those ideas I found on Pinterest and now that I’m looking again I see it’s all over the place, but I think the pin I first saw for it was from Tidy Mom. Now that spring is here we’re all looking for ways to clean our spaces and to make them seem a little fresher, too. ... Read More »

Spring Clean Your Pinterest Page: Break Up Boards

general pinterst board

I think most of us, when we started building Pinterest boards, probably didn’t quite realize what we were getting into. So we made our categories pretty general, or vague, or we weren’t exactly sure what to do with things so we just put them somewhere. I, for instance, have a board called “general craftiness.” It holds all those little things ... Read More »

Spring Clean Your Pinterest Page: Getting Rid of Old Boards

spring clean pinterest

Happy spring, everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! This year more than most it feels like we’ve really survived something and that this day is a celebration. I am feeling in the spirit of spring cleaning, but with next week being spring break I don’t know how much I’ll get done until I have some time without a cleanliness-thwarting 4-year-old in ... Read More »

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin {Iron Craft Challenge}

finished canning lid pumpkin

This week’s Iron Craft challenge was to make something for Halloween, and with the girl being sick I didn’t think I was going to get mine done but it’s so quick and easy it was no problem to do even in the short amount of time I’ve had in my office today. The mason jar lid pumpkin is a classic ... Read More »

A Crafty Fall To-Do List

knit candy corn

Today is the first day it’s actually felt like fall might be coming to Arkansas. As I write this it’s a lovely 82 degrees outside and the window right behind me is open. Love it. I’ve been a little reluctant for it to be fall, which is weird, because it’s my favorite. I guess it’s just a reminder of how ... Read More »

The Best of 2012

It seems like everyone has been posting their best ofs in the past few days, and I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of my most popular posts, too. None of the favorites surprised me, because they’ve been consistently popular and are the sorts of articles you’d expect to be popular on a site ... Read More »

Creating a Life in 2013

pin less create more

Some friends and I were discussing New Year’s resolutions on Facebook the other day, and after I mentioned my ridiculous list of goals I wrote at the beginning of 2012, a couple of people mentioned the concept of choosing one word that would color your choices and actions throughout the year. I really like that idea, and it was almost ... Read More »

Five Minutes of CraftFail Fame

maxi dress craft fail

Guys, check me out! Back in April I tried to sew a “simple” maxi dress made out of fabric with a T-shirt top that I found on Pinterest. It seemed simple enough, but I just could not get the dang thing to make a ruffle like it was supposed to. I wrote about it back then, and the good people ... Read More »