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Collect Inspiration on Pinterest {Craft Challenge, Day 6}

Today’s challenge is sort of the digital version of yesterday’s inspiration wire challenge. There is so much fun, inspirational stuff out there on the Internet, whether projects you want to try, techniques to explore

The Easiest Way to Get Rich Pins, And Why You Would Want To {Craft Your Blog}

If you’ve been around Pinterest much you’ve probably noticed that when you click on some pins, they’re nicer than others. It’s most obvious on recipe posts, which look like this: You see the author,

A Simple Way to Spring Clean Your Air

This is one of those ideas I found on Pinterest and now that I’m looking again I see it’s all over the place, but I think the pin I first saw for it was

Spring Clean Your Pinterest: Hide Your Mess with Private Boards

I love the Pinterest private board feature. It’s a great way to organize things or do research when you don’t want people to know what you’re doing. I have a “to write about” board

Spring Clean Your Pinterest Page: Break Up Boards

I think most of us, when we started building Pinterest boards, probably didn’t quite realize what we were getting into. So we made our categories pretty general, or vague, or we weren’t exactly sure

The Case of the Tangled Doll Hair {Found it on Pinterest}

A long time ago I used to do a “Found it on Pinterest” Friday post where I made something or tried something I had pinned and reported on it. As part of my spring

Spring Clean Your Pinterest Page: Getting Rid of Old Boards

Happy spring, everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! This year more than most it feels like we’ve really survived something and that this day is a celebration. I am feeling in the spirit of spring