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Making Paper Bag Puppets (Your Own or With a Kit)

playing with paper bag puppets

I like to give the girl crafty gifts and I have a lot of things on her wish list that are craft kits and other things I think she’ll like but that are kind of special because we don’t use craft kits all that often. This year someone bought her the ALEX Toys Paper Bag Puppets Kit (that’s an Amazon ... Read More »

Accidentally Cool Watercolor Marker Art {Kid Craft}

rained on art

The girl made this butterfly at school. Clearly it was coloring and cutting practice, because each part of the butterfly was supposed to be colored a certain way, then cut out and glued onto the tube. She loves it. So much, in fact, that she slept with it under her pillow a couple of nights. The wings are a little ... Read More »

Valentine’s Homework

tissue paper heart

The girl was home sick from school a couple of days last week, and I was trying to come up with things to amuse her (because she is the least-sick sick kid you have ever seen in your life) so I was casting around for some Valentine things for her to do, since she’s pretty obsessed with the holiday right ... Read More »

A Book to Get Beyond the Blank Page

flower power art doodle love

One thing that I think can stop people from trying out art journaling is fear of the blank page. It can be hard to come up with ideas or know what to journal about when you’re just getting started, and making that first mark on a page can seem really final. That’s why the other day I noted that I ... Read More »

Art Journaling Basics {Try Something New}

art journal fan

As I mentioned earlier this month, I’m trying to incorporate some different crafts into my routine this year. I get so into knitting sometimes that I neglect other creative pursuits, and knitting isn’t always that fun for me because it’s also my job. So each month I want to look a little deeper at some kind of craft or creative ... Read More »

Take Time to Doodle {Creativity Boosts}

one minute doodle

I know a lot of people feel they couldn’t possibly take time to be creative. Life is full enough with jobs, family, other commitments and still trying to find time to bathe and sleep; adding in creative time can seem overwhelming. Part of this month is about inspiring you to take that time and showing you that it doesn’t really ... Read More »

Craft-A-Day Book Review {Creativity Boosts}

felt leaf hair pins

I’m a big fan of making things and building creativity into your daily life, so I bought the book Craft-A-Day: 365 Simple Homemade Projects by Sarah Goldschadt when it popped up in a bundle with something else I was buying on Amazon without looking into it at all. (Speaking of, that’s an Amazon link but not an affiliate one.) The ... Read More »

A Month of Creativity Boosts

create tag

I write about crafts and creativity regularly, but even I sometimes don’t feel that creative. It’s been particularly hard lately getting jazzed creatively with the busyness of fall, the pressure of developing the next book idea and the stress of having a kid who’s been sick on and off for more than a week. I know I could use a ... Read More »

Easy Rainbow Gift Tags

rainbow gift tag

Sometimes it’s hard being a crafty mama. You expect to be able to make lots of cute stuff for any occasion, but then the occasion comes and you don’t have time to perfectly hand craft every last detail. Or really any details. So it was with the girl’s birthday this year. Coming just a week after mine (and with Labor ... Read More »

Handmade Home: A Sort-of Review

scrap paper book

I’m a big fan of things that are handmade, as you might imagine. But you don’t always see that when you come into my home. I mean, there are always knitting projects laying all over the place, but if they were cleaned up, there’s a quilt my aunt made me when I got married, and that’s really the only handmade ... Read More »

Learn More about Yourself This Summer with Gadanke

gadanke journal library card

I didn’t make a lot of new contacts at Blissdom, being shy and introverted as I am, but I did meet Katie, the sweet lady behind Gadanke, who makes adorable handmade journals. She offered to send me one to review, so here I am. She didn’t ask me to love it, but it would be hard not to! Katie calls ... Read More »