Paper Crafts Archive

Make a Washi Tape Craft {Craft Challenge, Day 42}

I love a good washi tape craft. It’s been a long time since I played with this fun patterned tape, so I thought I would try using some of it to help me make

Make a Mood Board for Yourself {Craft Challenge, Day 41}

Something about vision boards rubs me the wrong way. I know some people swear by them, saying they made a collage of all the things they wanted and actually ended up getting them. It’s

Printing with Styrofoam {Craft Challenge, Day 37}

A lot of crafting for me is about creative reuse, and when we bought the girl a lamp for her new art table and this little block of foam was in there, I knew

Paper Weaving {Craft Challenge, Day 30}

I’m a little obsessed with weaving right now, which is going to show over the next few days of challenges. I love weaving because it’s so simple. You can do it with any sorts

Make Stamps with Foam Sheets {Craft Challenge, Day 27}

I don’t know exactly how I ended up with so many foam craft sheets, but man, I have a ton of them. One of these days I’ll surely break down and gift them to

Printmaking with Bubble Wrap {Craft Challenge, Day 25}

Apparently there is such a thing as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and according to my friend at Crafty Kids at Home, it’s today! She’s got a great roundup of crafts and activities to do

Put the Pages in Your DIY Journal {Craft Challenge, Day 21}

This is a little bit of a cheat day because there’s nothing exciting happening here, just putting our DIY journal together. Unless of course you get inspired and start filling up your book, too,