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flower art

Let Go of Expectations with Make Bad Art

I have often said — in my head at least, if not out loud — that I think creativity is the thing …

adding black painting

Making Art with Mix it Up

I usually let the girl choose all the books we bring home from the library, but on a recent trip (in which …

using glitter gel as paint

Experimenting with Glitter and Paint

I’ve been doing some cleaning in the girl’s art area lately, and one good thing about that is that it means we’re …

making paper flowers

Go Back to Basics When You’re Busy

You might have noticed a distinct lack of posting lately, and I’m going to let you know right up front that’s going …

printing with leaves

Painting Leaves {Kid Craft}

The girl and I went to the park on Saturday, and while she was stalling about leaving she was checking out these …

making art with kids

7 Tips for Creating with Kids

Most of the time when we have projects for our kids or they are coloring or painting, they’re doing it by themselves. …