Painting Archive

Paint a Stick {Craft Challenge, Day 30}

Following in the vein of needing easy crafts that I knew I could accomplish this week, I decided to do something that’s been on my list for some time but I hadn’t done it

Painting with Marbles {Craft Challenge Day 29}

I have had so many craft fails in the past couple of days, and only one I’m willing to talk about. It’s annoying, frustrating, and it feels like a waste of time when I

Found Object Printmaking {Craft Challenge, Day 26}

I have written about making designs with random objects before, but I wanted to do some found object printmaking as part of this challenge because it’s just so fun and easy to do with

Printmaking with Bubble Wrap {Craft Challenge, Day 25}

Apparently there is such a thing as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and according to my friend at Crafty Kids at Home, it’s today! She’s got a great roundup of crafts and activities to do

Creating on Old Art {Craft Challenge, Day 24}

I’ve had this random painting for a long time. On a ripped piece of paper, I’m pretty sure I made it using up paint left over from one of the girl’s projects. It was

Painting with Fabric Paint {Craft Challenge, Day 23}

This is maybe the first one of these challenges that the average person might not have materials on hand for. I really want them to be accessible, easy things for people to try mostly

Make Something Using Your Favorite Color {Craft Challenge, Day 16}

Since this week has been all about you and your favorite things, I thought it would make sense today to make something using your favorite color. Mine is green, and I decided I wanted