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How to Get Rid of Books Easily

As a person who reviews a lot of books, I get a lot of books sent to my house beyond my control. I also have a fair number of books I bought or that

Monthly Goals: Office Cleaning, Again

As part of my focus on clear this year, I feel like I need more clarity with monthly goals and really checking in with myself to make sure I’m getting where I want to

Notions: Getting Your Life Together

Today is the first Monday of school, though the girl went back on Thursday. It feels like a new year in a way to me, too, since I was basically not working for almost

Cleaning the Craft Closet, a #projectsimplify Update

I have not been doing all that well with my One Little Word this year. Simplify is such a great word — and I did some good stuff with it at the beginning of

A Month of #projectsimplify

I’m finding it incredibly hard to believe that January is almost over, but being almost a month into this year’s One Little Word it seemed like time for a check in. My word is

How to Limit Your Expectations When Things are Super Busy

I know I’m not the only one with a to do list longer than the time allowed to do it right now. Lots of people in my world have been talking about being busy,

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Awesome

I’m to the part in my book where I feel like I need to be doing nothing but knitting all the time. The reality of deadlines has finally sunk in, and I’m paring down