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One Month Down

valentine desk

It’s just about the end of January and I have to say, just about nothing has gone according to plan so far. Between snow, sick and family emergencies with our preschool provider, it feels like the girl has been home more days that she’s been in school this month. (That may actually be true; I’m kind of afraid to look.) ... Read More »

On Being a Late Bloomer

still blooming

This one is for my friend David, a scientist and blogger who was home for a visit over the holidays. On New Year’s Eve he was telling a story about how short he was in high school. He’s not short any more, so he declared himself a “late bloomer.” Which is fine. But I’ve been thinking about blooming in the ... Read More »

My Making (and Buying) Mantra


One Little Word is a great way to avoid making specific resolutions, but there is one thing I’m going to try to do better this year that doesn’t easily fit into the “grow” scheme. I find it’s a lot easier to think about having principles than it is to actually carry them out. So maybe putting into pixels that this ... Read More »

Another Try at One Little Word


Regular readers of my blog may remember early last year (!) when I was focusing on One Little Word. This is actually a formal program from the world of scrapbooking but is a meaningful way to frame and focus your year without the use of formal resolutions. My word for 2013 was create, and for the first part of the ... Read More »

No Time to Create {One Little Word}

create growth

It actually doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to me that I’ve kind of washed out of One Little Word. It’s hard for me to focus on anything — even when it’s just one little thing — for a whole month, let alone a whole year. I think I did really well for the first couple of months. ... Read More »

Making Time to Create {One Little Word}

I know the month is half over already, but I wanted to mention my June focus for One Little Word. It’s really a perfect one for me right now: A Time to Create. Because May was a little extra-super crazy, I was feeling that I needed to get back to more simple creating and that I needed to make a ... Read More »

Engaging with What Matters {One Little Word}

sweet girl

My One Little Word focus for May was “create engagement,” and as I’ve already written, when I made up that card I expected it to be about focusing on my websites. I was planning to engage in more focused social media efforts, trying to get more comments and likes and to start a real conversation with some of my readers. ... Read More »

Not Much Action {One Little Word}

craft book purge

You can tell I didn’t have a great month on my One Little Word project last month because I’ve taken this long into the next month to write about it. My focus for last month was “create action,” which was fitting because the challenge for the group was also to take action in a way that would be meaningful to ... Read More »

A Challenging Month {One Little Word}

My focus for February was supposed to be “Create Art,” which I intended to mean playing with different kinds of art and craft and just making lots of stuff. I mixed my cards at random and I’d really hoped to get this month later in the year, when I’d made more time in my schedule for regular creative pursuits outside ... Read More »