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Sarah’s First Graphic Novel

Though it might seem like it, I haven’t given up on the 9 Books for ’09 reading challenge. In fact, I just finished one of my books last week, after a long break away from the books that I spent mostly reading baby books. I decided to make my book for the strange (not in your comfort zone) category The ... Read More »

Dreamy Reading

Back in January, right before the ice storm, I read one of the books that was on my 9 for ’09 list, but I never managed to write about it. It was In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, a short story collection by a local author, Ellen Gilchrist. I called it my book for used, because I bought it at ... Read More »

Gorgeous Gifts

I told you recently that I was to recieve a prize for participating in the 9 Books for ’09 reading challenge, and the wonderful surprises arrived last week. Isabel sent me some really beautiful stuff! I assume it’s because of my own knitting nature that she sent along this great swatch of beaded Habu Textiles yarn with stainless steel. Even ... Read More »

Catching up on My Reading

Apparently I won a prize for the first quarter of the 9 Books for ’09 challenge, even though I’ve only posted a review of one book. I’ve actually finished three books at this point, and hopefully will get caught up on reviews this week. My pick for a long book was The Best American Short Stories of the Century, which ... Read More »

Nine Books: Flesh and Blood

I finished my first book of the Nine Books for ’09 challenge a few days ago. It was Flesh and Blood by Michael Cunningham. I completely fell in love with Cunningham as I was reading The Hours, which is just a really great book with such a twist! Eventually I’ve been very slowly working my way through his other books, ... Read More »

My Rereading List

A few days ago I wrote about my nine books for 2009, but of course I’m going to read a lot more than that this year. Thinking about reading lists got me thinking about the handful of books I’ve read more than once, the books I enjoy going back to every five years or so to see what they say ... Read More »

Books for 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about reading lists lately. I’m kind of obsessed with them. I think there’s a part of me that thinks if I could ever finish a reading list, then I’d really be able to say that I was educated, that I’d really read some books. (Technically, I’ve read all the books that won Pulitzers for fiction, ... Read More »