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Mending Day


This month I’m working on getting things done that I’ve been putting off or doing things that need to be done without procrastination. It’s a really big deal for me, because I am awesome at not doing things. Thinking about doing things. Preparing to do things. Going over and over again in my mind what needs to be done and ... Read More »

Cover a Hole in a Shirt Sleeve with Faux Cuffs

faux cuff tshirt

I like to buy as much of the girl’s clothing used as I can, because that way she has a lot of options without spending a lot of money, and it doesn’t matter when they get stained or she grows out of them in half a season. And though the place I do most of my shopping is good, sometimes ... Read More »

Getting Back to the Sewing Machine

kids' tshirt skirt

I feel like this month has been a whirlwind for a lot of reasons, and I haven’t been getting a lot done other than the bare minimum that needs to get done. That goes for writing, cleaning my house and crafting. But since this is the first full week of work I’ve had this year, I’m trying to get back ... Read More »

Vintage Patches for a Stained Skirt {Iron Craft Challenge}

fabric appliques to cover stains

The challenge from Iron Craft this week was to make something with something vintage or inspired by something vintage or retro. I immediately thought of this pillowcase from my childhood, because anything as old as me is definitely vintage. I didn’t want to make a pillowcase dress out of a white pillowcase, and this one actually is a little stained ... Read More »

A Yarn-Wrapped Tree for the Table

yarn tree

This is not at all a craft I can claim to have come up with on my own. It seems like everything is getting wrapped in yarn this year, from letters to cones that then look like Christmas trees. It’s an adorable trend and one I — as a lover of yarn and person who has way too much of ... Read More »

Mending Time

fixed straps

I am, apparently, hell on straps on summer dresses and tops. Or at least my washing machine is. I had a maxi dress and a top that ended up with completely broken straps, and other maxi that was in danger of detaching from the dress (that one was a design flaw, because on closer inspection both of the straps were ... Read More »

Trying Something New

box loom

I feel like I have been away from the blog — and from crafting, which is why I’ve been away from the blog — much too much lately. It’s a little bit burnout, a little bit physical injury (my right arm/wrist have been giving me lots of trouble lately), a lot that I had a lot of extra work over ... Read More »

Improving on a Classic, Part Two: Banana Muffins

banana muffins

A few months ago I told you abut my family’s banana bread recipe and how I’ve pretty completely altered it to have less sugar, almost no white flour and plenty of whole-grainy goodness. For a few weeks there it seemed like I always had exactly two bananas getting old on the counter, where I tend to like three for my ... Read More »

Sewing Week Update: The Solar Dress

solar dress

I was writing something on another issue over the weekend and I noted that, though I tend to start projects with great enthusiasm, I am horrid at finishing. And so it was with Elsie Marley’s Kids’ Sewing Challenge. As I reported earlier I made a skirt on day one and started a dress on day two, only to have my ... Read More »

In Which Pinterest Fails Me for (Probably Not) the Last Time

ruffle fail

Ahh, the Internet: making hard things look easy since the online tutorial was invented. One of the very first things I ever pinned on Pinterest (20 weeks ago!) was this tutorial from A Small Snippet of a dress that’s made with a big piece of fabric and an old tank top. Basically all you do is cut the tank to ... Read More »

A Waldorf-Inspired Color Sorting Game

color sorting waldorf cups

I am a big fan of Montessori and Waldorf type activities and they way they approach setting up rooms and tasks for kids to deal with. Waldorf is naturally attractive to me because they teach knitting to kids, and both disciplines place an emphasis on having handmade things around the children. Not too long ago I made some Waldorf-inspired color ... Read More »

Creativity Queue Challenge: Getting Things Finished

dyeing with dandelions

In a bit of web browsing serendipity a couple of weeks ago I came across the website Daisy Yellow and the beginning of the Creativity Queue Challenge. As the name implies, it’s a challenge to get people to finish (or start and finish) some things that have been on their creative lists for some time. Spring is a great time ... Read More »