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Mending Day

This month I’m working on getting things done that I’ve been putting off or doing things that need to be done without procrastination. It’s a really big deal for me, because I am awesome

Cover a Hole in a Shirt Sleeve with Faux Cuffs

I like to buy as much of the girl’s clothing used as I can, because that way she has a lot of options without spending a lot of money, and it doesn’t matter when

Getting Back to the Sewing Machine

I feel like this month has been a whirlwind for a lot of reasons, and I haven’t been getting a lot done other than the bare minimum that needs to get done. That goes

Vintage Patches for a Stained Skirt {Iron Craft Challenge}

The challenge from Iron Craft this week was to make something with something vintage or inspired by something vintage or retro. I immediately thought of this pillowcase from my childhood, because anything as old

A Yarn-Wrapped Tree for the Table

This is not at all a craft I can claim to have come up with on my own. It seems like everything is getting wrapped in yarn this year, from letters to cones that

Mending Time

I am, apparently, hell on straps on summer dresses and tops. Or at least my washing machine is. I had a maxi dress and a top that ended up with completely broken straps, and

Trying Something New

I feel like I have been away from the blog — and from crafting, which is why I’ve been away from the blog — much too much lately. It’s a little bit burnout, a