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burning ritual urn

Burn It With Fire

Last weekend was our fifth #tcoyos retreat, which is unbelievable and amazing and awesome and I don’t know what I would do …

why we make things and why it matters

Why We Make Things and Why It Matters

Sometimes when I’m at the library for a specific purpose (like picking up a book for my Reading Women project) I can’t …


A Month of #projectsimplify

I’m finding it incredibly hard to believe that January is almost over, but being almost a month into this year’s One Little …

a spin on productibity

Never a Perfect Day

I have been writing a lot lately about morning pages, and how they are a sounding board for me and really let …

finished objects year of making

My #yearofmaking So Far

I’ve told you about my little word for the year, but I also decided to take on another challenge for 2015: a …