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Be Kind to Your Heart #NWArkCares

Valentine’s Day is a time when we think about our hearts in a romantic way, but it’s also a great time to think about how we treat our actual hearts and what we can

Looking Back on 40 Days of Creative Challenges

It’s day 40 of 2016. Already. I’ve been meaning to do a little post looking back on the first month, now a month plus a little more. I managed to keep my promise to

Monthly Goals: Having a Plan

So, January, on the whole, did not go quite as planned. I was doing fine with my office cleaning for a lot of the month, and while I don’t think it’s possible for me

It’s Time for Us to Start Breaking Busy

I’m guessing it would be the height of irony to say that I’ve been meaning to review this book for a while but I’ve been too busy. But it is kind of true. I

How to Be a Better Ally {#NWArkCares}

This month’s topic for #NWArkCares is civil rights. It’s another one that’s hard for me to write about. I feel like, as a white, straight person, I don’t have a right to talk about

Take Pictures of Your Day {Craft Challenge, Day 14}

We’re two weeks into the new year! How’s it going? Have you been a little more creative these past few days compared to last year? I hope so. Today’s challenge is another easy one:

On Doing Things You’ve Been Putting Off Forever; Or, I Have a Newsletter Now!

I used to subscribe to e-mails from the FlyLady. If you don’t know her, she’s a legend among women of the Internet who are trying to get in control of their housekeeping. She sends