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Crocheted Flower Hair Clips {Iron Craft Challenge}

There’s always an Iron Craft Challenge around Valentine’s Day to make something involving hearts and/or flowers. Last year I made these adorable crocheted hearts and a little felt envelope to put them in. They

Refreshing an Old Bulletin Board {Iron Craft Challenge}

I’ve taken part in the Iron Craft challenges from Just Crafty Enough off and on for a few years, though I’ve taken about a six-month break from them. It’s always fun for me to

Mixed-Paper Collage Bookmark

I’m a day behind on the Iron Craft Challenge this week (because it was book launch day yesterday), but the idea was to create something using words. The first thing I came up with

Embossed Texture Plates DIY {Iron Craft Challenge}

The Iron Craft challenge this week was to make something involving the letter E. I was thinking about embossing, and then I remembered a big stack of cardboard sheets I’d recently acquired (they were

Tunisian Crochet Basket

This week’s Iron Craft Challenge was about making something that looks like something else. I had a problem coming up with what I wanted to do, and then I thought about Tunisian crochet, which

Spray-Painted Decoration for Spring and Summer

It can be hard to know how to decorate for spring once Easter has come and gone. You don’t want to bust out the red, white and blue right away, but how can you

How to Decoupage a Box with Old Maps

It’s Iron Craft time again, and this week we were asked to do something with the letter D. I’m cheating just a little bit because I already had this made but hadn’t yet blogged