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Rosemary Lemon Body Scrub Recipe

rosemary lemon brown sugar scrub recipe

Somewhere in my journeys on the Internet I came across the new (just started last month) crafty challenge from Adventures in Making and thought, why not? The challenge was to create a craft on the theme of herbs and spices, which made my mind turn to the rosemary plant we just brought inside because it’s freezing outside. And because it’s ... Read More »

Make an Easy Kid Craft Halloween Centerpiece

finished halloween kid craft centerpiece

Through the years the girl has made a lot of great Halloween crafts at school. These are actually just a few of them. I love the yarn-wrapped mummy, of course, and the spider is pretty awesome, too (it’s made out of a Laughing Cow cheese container). Then there are all the pumpkins she painted last year. (I was doing a ... Read More »

Make a Kid’s Birthday Party Space More Colorful with PartyPail

birthday party fun allowed me to pick out some great stuff for the girl’s birthday party in exchange for writing a post. All opinions are my own (and the girl’s, mostly). For about six months the girl knew exactly what she wanted for her fifth birthday: a party at Gynmastics Joe’s, a local gymnastics studio that’s open for play (they have trampolines ... Read More »

Sound Games with Easter Eggs

guess sound easter egg

I guess it’s not really time — or just barely time — for crafts and ideas involving Easter eggs, but all my spring holiday stuff is in the same storage bag so we’ve had Easter eggs floating around for a while. And the girl likes playing with them in lots of different ways, but commonly it has something to do ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for You and Your Kids

st particks day sensory montessori

I guess I’m just craving green and rainbows right about now, but I’m really feeling the need to craft things for St. Patrick’s Day. My family is pretty darn Irish (and my brother’s name is Patrick) so this is a holiday I celebrated growing up, but we’ve never done much for it with the girl. This may be the year ... Read More »

Cute Cards Made Simple (and Cheap, Too!)

tiny prints business cards

I’m an affiliate for Tiny Prints. If you buy something through this post they’ll send me money. But I use them and like them, too. Last year around this time I was in the market for some new business cards. I’d just revamped my website, and was going to a fancy conference, so I felt like the ones I printed ... Read More »

An Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activity Tray

bead string pattern development

With a snow day looming Sunday night, I knew I wanted to set up some activities for the girl so that she’d have some fun things to work with that weren’t the same things she’d been playing with while snowed in all day Sunday. Because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and we have lots of green stuff in the ... Read More »

Valentine’s Homework

tissue paper heart

The girl was home sick from school a couple of days last week, and I was trying to come up with things to amuse her (because she is the least-sick sick kid you have ever seen in your life) so I was casting around for some Valentine things for her to do, since she’s pretty obsessed with the holiday right ... Read More »

Open-Ended Valentine’s Day Crafts

found object valentine person

The other day I went to Target for the first time in a while, and though I was rather determined to stick to my list, I could not resist all the cute Valentine’s stuff in the dollar spot. I spent $7 on some plain red cards, paper stickers, felt stickers, puffy stickers, glittery heart shapes, stick-on gems and sticker-backed ribbons. ... Read More »

The Story of the Stockings

crocheted christmas stockings

It’s an intimate thing when you bring people in to your traditions. Whether its a first holiday with the family you’ve married into or a special gathering with friends, it’s really delicate to share those personal things that have been with you for years. Which is part of why I really wanted to help my friend, Rene, when she asked ... Read More »

Build Your Own Snowman Felt Play Kit

playing felt snowman

Every year for Christmas I try to craft something for the kids in the girl’s class, because it’s fun and I like the idea that the kids will get at least one handmade thing for the holidays. This year it was a felt play kit that allows them to make and remake a snowman. I got the idea (and the ... Read More »

Last-Minute Knit Tree Ornament {Iron Craft Challenge}

knit tree ornament

This week’s Iron Craft challenge was an opportunity to redo a past challenge if we’d missed one or just wanted to try one again. The only one I know for sure that I’ve skipped is that most recent one, which was about making something for the holidays. I guess I just didn’t have anything finished and I was busy and ... Read More »