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Getting My Holiday Together Like a Crafty Ninja, Part One

teacher gift candied pecans

It’s not like we don’t see Christmas coming. It’s at the same time every year. It can’t possibly sneak up on us, and yet every year there’s the same mad dash to finish something or buy something or do something before that big, firm deadline of Dec. 25. Or, in my case, Dec. 19. The last day the girl has ... Read More »

Clean Out the Fridge Green Smoothies

green smoothie recipe

I have always wanted to be the sort of person who drinks green smoothies. Don’t people who drink green smoothies (or, even more so, who juice) seem healthier and somehow better than the rest of us? The problem is I never really make an effort to buy all the things that are required to regularly make smoothies, healthy or otherwise. ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for You and Your Kids

st particks day sensory montessori

I guess I’m just craving green and rainbows right about now, but I’m really feeling the need to craft things for St. Patrick’s Day. My family is pretty darn Irish (and my brother’s name is Patrick) so this is a holiday I celebrated growing up, but we’ve never done much for it with the girl. This may be the year ... Read More »

The Little Things

pinga heart

As I’m working back from feeling busy and overwhelmed and uninspired, I’ve been focusing on doing the work that I really want to do. And when that comes to crafting and creating, it has been little things this week. I had a lot of apple slices left from a playdate, so I decided to make apple muffins. And I decided ... Read More »

My Making (and Buying) Mantra


One Little Word is a great way to avoid making specific resolutions, but there is one thing I’m going to try to do better this year that doesn’t easily fit into the “grow” scheme. I find it’s a lot easier to think about having principles than it is to actually carry them out. So maybe putting into pixels that this ... Read More »

The Stories of the Best Places to Eat in the Ozarks

I had the pleasure of meeting Kat Robinson, who writes at Tie Dye Travels, at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference last year. We didn’t get to talk much, but she seems like a really fun person who is really passionate about food. Especially local food. I haven’t yet read her first book, Arkansas Pie, but I happened to win a ... Read More »

The Days of Snow and Chocolate

snow ice cream

We’ve been iced and snowed in since last Thursday (Arkansas not being well known for its snow removal prowess), and though husband has gone back to work the girl hasn’t been in school, so we’ve been doing what we can to keep ourselves warm and entertained. I’ve been trying to keep us inside as much as possible (I’m always cold, ... Read More »

Thank a Host This Year with a Petit Jean Gift Box

yummy breakfasts

Just so you know, I’m a member of Petit Jean Meats’ Blue Diamond Club, which means I received a gift box and one to give away in exchange for this post. But y’all, this company is the reason I eat way more pork than I used to. With the holidays upon us, everyone is thinking about gift ideas and ways ... Read More »

“Toddler Food” and a Craftsy Recipe Contest

toddler taste test

So you know: part of this post is about Craftsy. I’m an affiliate, so if you click links and sign up for classes I’ll get some cash. But I wasn’t paid to write this post. Because, honestly, who would pay for my recipes? I’ve never been a very good cook. Growing up we ate a lot of processed stuff, and ... Read More »

Easy and Yummy Snack Mix for Fall. Or Whenever.

fall snack mix

I’ve been seeing posts all over the place about fall snack mixes. Now, I’m not exactly sure why we need more things to snack on this time of year, which is pretty much all about snacking for about 10 weeks straight. But I’m kind of done with Halloween candy (not that it’s gone, I’ve just had enough for a little ... Read More »

Save the Season with Homemade Pesto

pesto recipe

It’s getting cold at night here in Arkansas these days, and I’ve been feeling a little frantic about the herbs. The basil was still looking pretty good even after a couple of near-freezing nights, but I knew it wouldn’t last, so I made a big batch of pesto that finished up a lot of it. Pesto is great because it ... Read More »

Harness Nature’s Gifts with Planters Peanuts


I didn’t really make resolutions this year, deciding instead to focus on one word: create. It’s worked better than such things usually do for me, though I haven’t given it much thought lately. And I still feel like I have a lot more I’d like to get done than there is year left to do it in. One perpetual goal ... Read More »