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Getting My Holiday Together Like a Crafty Ninja, Part One

teacher gift candied pecans

It’s not like we don’t see Christmas coming. It’s at the same time every year. It can’t possibly sneak up on us, and yet every year there’s the same mad dash to finish something or buy something or do something before that big, firm deadline of Dec. 25. Or, in my case, Dec. 19. The last day the girl has ... Read More »

Frozen Dress Up Gift Bag {Iron Craft Challenge}

ribbon in bag drawstring

The Iron Craft Challenge this week was to make something that could be done from start to finish in an hour or less. I had been thinking about this one for a while so I was glad to finally get it finished. Like most girls her age, the girl is very into Frozen. One of the few things on her ... Read More »

Quick and Easy Storage Pouches {Iron Craft Challenge}

clean drawer

The Iron Craft challenge for this week had to do with organizing a space and/or making something to help you organize a space. I knew immediately I needed to tackle my needle drawer; you can see why. This is the top drawer of a filing cabinet, and what it looks like spread out all over my desk. I’m the worst ... Read More »

Cover a Hole in a Shirt Sleeve with Faux Cuffs

faux cuff tshirt

I like to buy as much of the girl’s clothing used as I can, because that way she has a lot of options without spending a lot of money, and it doesn’t matter when they get stained or she grows out of them in half a season. And though the place I do most of my shopping is good, sometimes ... Read More »

Getting Back to the Sewing Machine

kids' tshirt skirt

I feel like this month has been a whirlwind for a lot of reasons, and I haven’t been getting a lot done other than the bare minimum that needs to get done. That goes for writing, cleaning my house and crafting. But since this is the first full week of work I’ve had this year, I’m trying to get back ... Read More »

Peg Dolls: An Easy, Collaborative Craft

peg dolls

Note: link is affiliate link I had every intention of making the girl some peg dolls for Christmas. I actually started them, getting so far as painting the heads, drawing on faces and making/painting hair onto them. Then the girl noticed them on my desk, said she thought they needed arms, and that was the end of me wanting to ... Read More »

Build Your Own Snowman Felt Play Kit

playing felt snowman

Every year for Christmas I try to craft something for the kids in the girl’s class, because it’s fun and I like the idea that the kids will get at least one handmade thing for the holidays. This year it was a felt play kit that allows them to make and remake a snowman. I got the idea (and the ... Read More »

Upcycled Coffee Cup Cozy {Iron Craft Challenge}

state love coffee sleeve

The Iron Craft theme for this week had something to do with beverages. I actually had an idea right away of what I wanted to do, and I actually got it done a whole day before the challenge was due, which is pretty remarkable for me. I knew I wanted to do a coffee cup cozy with a little Arkansas ... Read More »

Vintage Patches for a Stained Skirt {Iron Craft Challenge}

fabric appliques to cover stains

The challenge from Iron Craft this week was to make something with something vintage or inspired by something vintage or retro. I immediately thought of this pillowcase from my childhood, because anything as old as me is definitely vintage. I didn’t want to make a pillowcase dress out of a white pillowcase, and this one actually is a little stained ... Read More »

Making Time to Create {One Little Word}

I know the month is half over already, but I wanted to mention my June focus for One Little Word. It’s really a perfect one for me right now: A Time to Create. Because May was a little extra-super crazy, I was feeling that I needed to get back to more simple creating and that I needed to make a ... Read More »

From Mom Jeans to a Cute Skirt {Summer of No Pants}

denim skirt mom jeans

My upcylcing ways continue this week with my Summer of No Pants skirt made out of an old pair of jeans. These jeans were not all that flattering to start with (as case of the Old Navy gateway mom jeans phenomenon) and they were about to get a hole in one knee, so I figured they were ripe for a ... Read More »