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Crocheted Baskets Show Your Yarn Love

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and buy something I’ll get a little kickback. And I’ll appreciate it! Every now and then I try to get into other crafts besides

Creating with Tape {Kid Craft}

The other day I told you about the big container of wood pieces we got from the girl’s old school. Another thing that I really wanted and snagged was a giant tape dispenser. This

7 Tips for Creating with Kids

Most of the time when we have projects for our kids or they are coloring or painting, they’re doing it by themselves. But the girl loves to involve one or both of her parents

The Little Things

As I’m working back from feeling busy and overwhelmed and uninspired, I’ve been focusing on doing the work that I really want to do. And when that comes to crafting and creating, it has

So, What Do You Want to Do?

After yesterday’s admission that I’m not really feeling that creative, at least in terms of making crafts to blog about, I decided to ask myself what I did want to do. This was the

The Creative Mojo is Gone

I have been feeling really busy lately. And I hate to even say that, because busy is such a loaded word. Usually I say busy when I want to mean productive, but I really

Five (Plus) Things to Save for Art Journaling

I mentioned the other day that people might be hesitant to start a new creative hobby like art journaling because they feel like they need to go out and buy a lot of supplies