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Make an easy project with your kids using tape and crayons.

Creating with Tape {Kid Craft}

The other day I told you about the big container of wood pieces we got from the girl’s old school. Another thing …

making art with kids

7 Tips for Creating with Kids

Most of the time when we have projects for our kids or they are coloring or painting, they’re doing it by themselves. …

pinga heart

The Little Things

As I’m working back from feeling busy and overwhelmed and uninspired, I’ve been focusing on doing the work that I really want …

calm card

So, What Do You Want to Do?

After yesterday’s admission that I’m not really feeling that creative, at least in terms of making crafts to blog about, I decided …

william morris print

The Creative Mojo is Gone

I have been feeling really busy lately. And I hate to even say that, because busy is such a loaded word. Usually …