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Trash Tower Building Challenge

I’m so excited to be with you today as part of the 28 Days of Hands-on STEM Activities for Kids series from Left Brain Craft Brain. This past week bloggers have been looking at

Make a Monkey Drum to Celebrate Chinese New Year

I told you earlier about how we like to celebrate Chinese New Year. We attended the new year celebration at our local library over the weekend, which got me excited to make a Chinese

Take Pictures of Your Day {Craft Challenge, Day 14}

We’re two weeks into the new year! How’s it going? Have you been a little more creative these past few days compared to last year? I hope so. Today’s challenge is another easy one:

Best Activities of 2015, and My Most Popular Post Ever

It’s always fun as a blogger to look back over the past year to see what people really loved, as a means for developing similar content in the future. It’s also great for readers

Notions: Christmas Crafts for Kids

Over the weekend we put up the Christmas tree, and I was a little surprised at the lack of homemade holiday ornaments. You’d think a crafty mama like me would have a tree teeming

Great Gift Ideas for Creative Kids

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on some of these and buy, I’ll get a little cash back. But all opinions are my own. I think we’re all inclined to want

Homemade Paint Recipe and Experiments

It’s always fun to make your own craft supplies, whether for your kids or your own use. I’m still enjoying the homemade gesso I made a few months ago and need to make a