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Notions: Making Art with Kids

I love doing art projects with the girl, but it’s something we’ve been doing a lot of lately. Well, she started a project that hasn’t gotten finished yet, but that will be really cool

3 Books for Kids Who Love to Make

My daughter’s school just opened up a tinkering studio, which is completely awesome and I want to live there. It’s great because the school is really dedicated to STEAM education so there are circuits

DIY Chalkboard Sign for Back-to-School

The girl started kindergarten yesterday, which both was and wasn’t a big deal. She’s been in all-day preschool since she was almost 2, and she’s at the same school she was last year. She

Notions: Weaving for Beginners

I’m kind of obsessed with weaving. As a yarn worker, I think of it as a great way to use up yarn in a way that can be artistic, useful or both. I have

Notions: Outdoor Play and Nature Crafts

I read a lot of crafty blogs and have a lot of craft and kids activities come through my feeds every day, so I’d guess a lot of these Notions posts are going to

Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer with Learn with Play

Most people’s kids have been out of school for at least a few weeks now, so you might have already gone through all the standard summertime activities the kids always want to do. And

Tips for a More Creative Family Life from the Artful Parent

There are so many great crafty bloggers out there who share art and learning activities for kids, but one of my must reads is Jean Van’t Hul, blogger at the Artful Parent. Her site