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Want More Weaving? Check out the Kids Weaving Class at CreativeBug

I am a CreativeBug affiliate, so if you click a link in this post and buy something I’ll get a little kickback. But I love it and I hope you’ll check it out! Do

Crafty Blogger Links, Week 5

This week’s crafty blogger linkup includes some awesome jewelry made with guitar strings, an easy candle you can make for Valentine’s Day or any time, my look at found object printmaking and a lot

Crocheted Flower Hair Clips {Iron Craft Challenge}

There’s always an Iron Craft Challenge around Valentine’s Day to make something involving hearts and/or flowers. Last year I made these adorable crocheted hearts and a little felt envelope to put them in. They

Paper Weaving {Craft Challenge, Day 30}

I’m a little obsessed with weaving right now, which is going to show over the next few days of challenges. I love weaving because it’s so simple. You can do it with any sorts

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Roundup from Social Fabric Bloggers

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the Social Fabric Community has put together the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Round-Up to help you prepare for the season of love. From

Meet Your Resolutions with Craftsy Classes

I’m kind of obsessed with buying Craftsy classes (and I’m an affiliate, by the way, so if you follow any of the links in this post and buy something I’ll get a little kickback).

Crafty Blogger Links, Week 4

This week my crafty blogger friends are making necklaces, crafting with wine bottles, getting inspired by the colors of the year and more. And if you didn’t already see my tutorial on making book