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Blogging Advice for My Cousin {Craft Your Blog}

be yourself

My cousin Katey — who is a certified Insanity instructor, fitness coach and goodness knows what other awesomeness — got in touch recently because she was planning to start a blog for her business. It was right at the end of my book deadline, so I didn’t have a lot to say, but in the meantime I’ve had a chance ... Read More »

Get Back in Blogging Gear with Content Brew

content brew is on sale for 48 hours only

Note: I’m a Blog Clarity affiliate, which means if you buy anything through the link in this article I’ll get a kickback. And I’ll appreciate you. But I love this program! I am slowly but surely getting back into blogging more regularly after a summer in which I blogged nine times over the course of three months (hey, at least ... Read More »

How to Sell a Pattern on Craftsy

(This post contains affiliate links which means I will be compensated if you purchase after clicking these links.) Most of us know Craftsy as a great source for crafty classes on all sorts of subjects, from knitting and sewing to cooking and cake decorating. But the site also hosts a marketplace where independent designers can sell their own patterns without ... Read More »

The Joy of Comments {Craft Your Blog}

commenting on blogs

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be a good neighbor with my fellow bloggers and about how I don’t want social media to be all about what I feel like I should do, I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that I actually enjoy about social. And that’s actually pretty easy: it’s the conversations. I ... Read More »

Taking the “Shoulds” Out of Social {Craft Your Blog}

take shoulds out of social

On the calendar for today I have a post called “The Least I Should Do,” which was supposed to be about making a plan for social media that becomes a kind of checklist of all the things you have to do when you finish a post (pinning to Pinterest, promoting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.). But the more I tried ... Read More »

What I Learned Posting Every Day for a Month

editorial calendar

I don’t know if anyone even noticed, but I have written some kind of post for this blog every day this month. (I want to say that as “every day this year” because that sounds so much more impressive.) I didn’t really set out to do it, but it happened that the beginning of the month somehow went well so ... Read More »

The Day I Learned the Power of Social Media {Craft Your Blog}

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This story is not about this blog, it’s about one of my crafting sites, the knitting page at Craft Gossip. It’s basically a blog, where I write about what’s going on in the knitting world, share free patterns I like, occasionally do book reviews and have an almost-weekly giveaway of a knitting book or tool. This month I’ve been doing ... Read More »

Where Should You Be Online? {Craft Your Blog}

social media craft your blog

Last week I said I was going to write something about promoting your blog, and the more I thought about it the more I realized it really needs to be a series of posts. And maybe I don’t know how to write them just yet. This is one of those “write what you want to know” moments, so if you ... Read More »

Blog Editing Tips, Part Two {Craft Your Blog}

blog editing tips

Last year I started a series called Craft Your Blog, in which I hoped to share writing and blogging advice, tools and tips that get me through my busy days of writing dailyish for three different websites. Last February I wrote a post called “Blog Editing Tips, Part One,” in which I talked about some of the sort of technical ... Read More »

10 Awesome Lessons from BlissDom

arkansas blissdom

“Awesome” seemed to be the adjective of choice at BlissDom, the giant blogging conference that happened last weekend in Dallas. There were reasons for that. Scott Stratten, the morning keynote on the first day of the conference, has a book called The Book of Business Awesome, which was given to all attendees. (Note: The FTC would like you to know ... Read More »