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My Reading Quest

the tale of genji

A couple of months ago, a couple of smart friends were talking about this book, The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau. The book is about how people need quests in their lives to give them something beyond the day-to-day stuff to focus on. They were intrigued and wanted to do quests of their own. It ended up that a ... Read More »

5 Classic Books/Series Your Kids Should Know About

5 great classic books/series your kids should know

Last night the girl knew just what she wanted to read at bedtime. She ran out to the living room to dig in her book basket and came back with a copy of Make Way for Ducklings (which we’ll talk more about in a minute). As we were reading, she asked why the drawings weren’t in color. I said “because ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for You and Your Kids

st particks day sensory montessori

I guess I’m just craving green and rainbows right about now, but I’m really feeling the need to craft things for St. Patrick’s Day. My family is pretty darn Irish (and my brother’s name is Patrick) so this is a holiday I celebrated growing up, but we’ve never done much for it with the girl. This may be the year ... Read More »

The Stories of the Best Places to Eat in the Ozarks

I had the pleasure of meeting Kat Robinson, who writes at Tie Dye Travels, at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference last year. We didn’t get to talk much, but she seems like a really fun person who is really passionate about food. Especially local food. I haven’t yet read her first book, Arkansas Pie, but I happened to win a ... Read More »

Cute Halloween Ebooks for Kids

meegenius reading app

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids beyond trick or treating for Halloween, check out the new Halloween-themed ebook bundle from MeeGenius. MeeGenius is a free app for kids aged 8 months to 8 years that encourages reading on electronic devices. It can be downloaded on the iPhone or iPad, and comes loaded with four free ... Read More »

Craft-A-Day Book Review {Creativity Boosts}

felt leaf hair pins

I’m a big fan of making things and building creativity into your daily life, so I bought the book Craft-A-Day: 365 Simple Homemade Projects by Sarah Goldschadt when it popped up in a bundle with something else I was buying on Amazon without looking into it at all. (Speaking of, that’s an Amazon link but not an affiliate one.) The ... Read More »

Improve Your Photos with A Beautiful Mess

pictures beautiful mess

I like to take a lot of photographs of my daughter. Like lots of moms, I want to capture the everyday moments as well as the big occasions, and that’s easier than ever to do because most of us have camera phones and Facebook and Instagram with us all the time. What I’m less good at — and I imagine ... Read More »

Sip Some Sangria with the TMI Mom

Disclosure: Heather sent me a digital review copy of her book so I could write about it. I’m not much of a fiction writer, but I’ve always enjoyed concocting stories about strangers. I love imagining how that single running shoe ended up in the middle of the street, where that woman on the airplane is going, what life is like ... Read More »

Having a Baby? You Need a Plan

birth plans for dummies

(Disclaimer: I was given this book by my friend, Rachel, who wrote it, in the hope that I would review it. She didn’t ask me to say nice things. I am not now nor do I ever plan on being pregnant again, but I may hand this book off to the next first-time mom I see.) When I was pregnant ... Read More »

Take Yourself to the Library {Creative Play Date}

library books

I go to the library with the Bit at least once a week. We have a really awesome library with a great children’s section full of computers with educational games (now with touch screens so I don’t have to work the mouse for her, but she’s learning), tons of puzzles and lots and lots of books. But I never get ... Read More »