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What “Mad Men” Can Teach You About the Creative Process

creative process struggle

I have been a fan of “Mad Men” for a long time, for a lot of reasons, and while I haven’t been enjoying this season so much, I loved this week’s episode (706, “The Strategy”) in part because of the really accurate illustration of the creative process. In the pitch meeting, Peggy feels pretty good about her idea for the ... Read More »

Monday Inspirations, Reading Edition

reading list goodreads

Lots of things have been hitting my radar recently about reading and how most of us are not doing enough of it, or at least not doing it well. Of course first was the NPR April Fool’s joke, in which they posted an article on Facebook ostensibly about how people don’t read anymore. The trick was that when you clicked ... Read More »

Monday Inspirations, #tcoyos Edition


This weekend was the second of what I hope becomes a long series of working weekends with some of my favorite people. Our hashtag, thanks to Jacqueline, is #tcoyos, for “take care of your own stuff” (well, we use a different word, to be honest, but this is a family blog) and while lots of stuff does get taken care ... Read More »

My Crazy Process

slip stitch knitting

A long-ago colleague of mine, fiction writer Lori Ericson, contacted me recently and asked me if I wanted to be part of a blog tour on different writers’ processes. I said sure, not really thinking about what it would mean to share how I work, because it’s a little crazy. Oh well, too late! I hope you enjoy learning a ... Read More »

Spring Clean Your Pinterest Page: Getting Rid of Old Boards

spring clean pinterest

Happy spring, everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! This year more than most it feels like we’ve really survived something and that this day is a celebration. I am feeling in the spirit of spring cleaning, but with next week being spring break I don’t know how much I’ll get done until I have some time without a cleanliness-thwarting 4-year-old in ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for You and Your Kids

st particks day sensory montessori

I guess I’m just craving green and rainbows right about now, but I’m really feeling the need to craft things for St. Patrick’s Day. My family is pretty darn Irish (and my brother’s name is Patrick) so this is a holiday I celebrated growing up, but we’ve never done much for it with the girl. This may be the year ... Read More »

Cute Cards Made Simple (and Cheap, Too!)

tiny prints business cards

I’m an affiliate for Tiny Prints. If you buy something through this post they’ll send me money. But I use them and like them, too. Last year around this time I was in the market for some new business cards. I’d just revamped my website, and was going to a fancy conference, so I felt like the ones I printed ... Read More »

Get Your Stuff Done By Controlling Inputs and Outputs

reading list

This is going to sound obvious, and it is, but when I’m able to really focus on my work I tend to do a better job. I’ll bet it’s the same for you, too. When you’re really working on work, whether that’s writing, design or whatever your work is, it’s going to be better, and you’re probably going to enjoy ... Read More »

On Getting Out More

memorial garden

There’s something about spring that seems to wake people up. We’ve been hiding in our homes, cloistered in our lives, for a long time, but when the first warmth comes we’re all out and about, having friends over and catching up with the world. Though it’s not really spring yet (and I hear we might be getting snowed in again ... Read More »

The Creative Mojo is Gone

william morris print

I have been feeling really busy lately. And I hate to even say that, because busy is such a loaded word. Usually I say busy when I want to mean productive, but I really mean overwhelmed and just a little crazy. This whole year has been like that. And I find myself not crafting or creating or doing much of ... Read More »

The Joy of Comments {Craft Your Blog}

commenting on blogs

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be a good neighbor with my fellow bloggers and about how I don’t want social media to be all about what I feel like I should do, I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that I actually enjoy about social. And that’s actually pretty easy: it’s the conversations. I ... Read More »