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See What Goes on Behind the Scenes with Influencer Marketing for Dummies

As a blogger, I’m usually the influencer in the relationship with companies and organizations that seek out sponsored posts and other sponsored content. But in order to do the best job I can, it

On Doing Things You’ve Been Putting Off Forever; Or, I Have a Newsletter Now!

I used to subscribe to e-mails from the FlyLady. If you don’t know her, she’s a legend among women of the Internet who are trying to get in control of their housekeeping. She sends

Notions: Taking Care of the Business of Blogging

This week’s notions is inspired by the fact that last weekend was the fifth Arkansas Women Bloggers University conference, which took place in Hot Springs and was, by all accounts, fabulous. (I wasn’t there

Scheduling Social: Buffer vs. CoSchedule {Craft Your Blog}

Bloggers, like everyone else, are super-busy people. It’s kind of strange that one of the things we have to do is be active on social media because we have to get the word out

What Does “News Sense” Mean for a Blogger?

I’ve recently started writing for a local food publication, which is the closest to journalism I’ve come in a few years. A colleague has commented a couple of times on my ability to find

4 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar {Craft Your Blog}

I am usually a planner by nature, but you wouldn’t know it lately. After writing a few weeks ago about how much I love to do lists and calendars, I haven’t been using either

My 3 Favorite Productivity Tools

I get a lot of things done. I don’t always feel like I do, but usually, when I can be objective about it, I realize that I really accomplish a lot. I ended a