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What Does “News Sense” Mean for a Blogger?

I’ve recently started writing for a local food publication, which is the closest to journalism I’ve come in a few years. A colleague has commented a couple of times on my ability to find

4 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar {Craft Your Blog}

I am usually a planner by nature, but you wouldn’t know it lately. After writing a few weeks ago about how much I love to do lists and calendars, I haven’t been using either

My 3 Favorite Productivity Tools

I get a lot of things done. I don’t always feel like I do, but usually, when I can be objective about it, I realize that I really accomplish a lot. I ended a

What I Learned from (Almost) a Year Doing Morning Pages (Almost) Every Day

On January first, I decided to pull out a notebook and start writing. I’ve done morning pages on and off for years, and I had been doing them a little bit in 2013, but

The Easiest Way to Get Rich Pins, And Why You Would Want To {Craft Your Blog}

If you’ve been around Pinterest much you’ve probably noticed that when you click on some pins, they’re nicer than others. It’s most obvious on recipe posts, which look like this: You see the author,

Attention Bloggers: You Don’t Have to Do it All {Craft Your Blog}

I love our blogging community in Northwest Arkansas. We meet up once a month, and it’s one of the rare times I go out by myself, so it’s especially special. We go to a

Blogging Advice for My Cousin {Craft Your Blog}

My cousin Katey — who is a certified Insanity instructor, fitness coach and goodness knows what other awesomeness — got in touch recently because she was planning to start a blog for her business.