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The Days of Snow and Chocolate

snow ice cream

We’ve been iced and snowed in since last Thursday (Arkansas not being well known for its snow removal prowess), and though husband has gone back to work the girl hasn’t been in school, so we’ve been doing what we can to keep ourselves warm and entertained. I’ve been trying to keep us inside as much as possible (I’m always cold, ... Read More »

When Life Hands You a Day Off…

baking cookies

make chocolate chip cookies. The Bit unexpectedly had the day off today, and I decided last night that I was going to really be with her today and make it special for her and not spend time stressing out over what I wasn’t getting done (or the coffee date I was missing!) because she was home. I planned to take ... Read More »

Found it on Pinterest: Easy Yeast Rolls


It is the way of life that less than 24 hours after I wrote a post wondering if Pinerest wasn’t getting just a little bit evil — and even before I actually typed up said post — I would find myself turning to Pinterest for something, making it immediately and feeling really good about the process. You see, my husband ... Read More »

Improving on a Classic, Part Two: Banana Muffins

banana muffins

A few months ago I told you abut my family’s banana bread recipe and how I’ve pretty completely altered it to have less sugar, almost no white flour and plenty of whole-grainy goodness. For a few weeks there it seemed like I always had exactly two bananas getting old on the counter, where I tend to like three for my ... Read More »

Getting Crafty for the Bake Sale

box of bake sale cookies

At least once a year the playgroup that I was much more active in before the Bit started going to school does a bake sale. I like to take part because it’s like double crafting: making the items to sell and then making them adorable. This year I went with lots (and lots) of Cowboy Cookies. I do not know ... Read More »

Things I Love: Cool Kitchen Tools (with Bonus Recipe!)

cookie scoop

I love tools that make life easier, particularly in the kitchen. Like a food processor. An immersion blender. My KitchenAid. A good bottle of red wine (that last one may just be me). I find, in particular, that I gravitate toward cool tools when it comes to baking, and I got to use two of my favorites recently: the Adjust-a-Cup ... Read More »

Improving on a Classic

Banana Bread

My family does not do a great job eating bananas. We seem to buy some almost every week, but a week rarely goes by when we actually finish a bunch before it turns brown. So I have several go-to banana bread recipes, including one that’s been in my mom’s family now four generations. The original was passed down to me ... Read More »

Things I Love: Homemade Bread Made Easy

finished bread

I love to bake. But even though I’m home pretty much every weekday for about six hours at a time without anyone else in the house, I don’t bake all that much. Or at least I don’t bake a lot of fussy stuff. I really love to bake bread. I would love to have fresh-baked bread for supper every night ... Read More »

Improvisational Baking

Pros will tell you that you can change this and that in a cooking recipe but that, for the most part, you shouldn’t go changing things in baking recipes. Cooking is art; baking is science. A recipe for regular cooking is a guide; a baking recipe is a formula. And I agree with that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ... Read More »

Getting Chocolate in Your Peanut Butter (Cookies)

A few months ago, when I was having one of my regular sessions of fret about my toddler’s diet, I decided that a great way to get her more protein would be to make a semi-healthy version of peanut butter cookies. I was looking for something with whole wheat flour and a minimum of sugar. I didn’t have such a ... Read More »