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How to Buy Gifts for New Parents that Don’t Suck

It seems like we’re going through another baby boom in my world. Several people I know have either just had or are about to have babies, which is wonderful. As a knitter, it’s not

The Basics of Thermometers {and a Giveaway}

As I write this I happen to have a sick little one asleep in her bedroom. I didn’t think it was time for the fall icky season to have started yet, but apparently it

Nighttime Potty Training Made Easier with GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats

I try not to talk about it too much, but any parent knows that at a certain point in your toddler’s life, potty training becomes a big deal. Competitive parents keep an eye out

Water Bead Fun Fact, Plus a Look into My Crazy Bag

There is a lot of stuff in my purse. It’s such a big purse, in fact, that I usually call it “my bag” instead, because “purse” just doesn’t seem to do it justice. I’m

Warning: Do Not Leave Child Unattended

I originally thought this post might be a good entry for Listen to Your Mother, but then I decided there’s no way there’s a moral or heartwarming end to this story. So I share

What’s Happening: Naked Stairs!

I love that part at the beginning of the Pioneer Woman’s show where she says “here’s what’s happening.” It makes it all the more personal, and because I live in Arkansas and she lives

Adult Sleeves to Kid Legwarmers

When it first started getting cold, the Bit went through a brief legwarmer phase. She wanted to wear them to bed (which was great, because she never wants to wear socks, and is sketchy