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The Basics of Thermometers {and a Giveaway}

temple touch thermometer

As I write this I happen to have a sick little one asleep in her bedroom. I didn’t think it was time for the fall icky season to have started yet, but apparently it is. So it happens to be perfect timing for a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time now and actually had on the ... Read More »

Water Bead Fun Fact, Plus a Look into My Crazy Bag

stuff in my bag

There is a lot of stuff in my purse. It’s such a big purse, in fact, that I usually call it “my bag” instead, because “purse” just doesn’t seem to do it justice. I’m reminded of the question put to Ally Sheedy’s character in “The Breakfast Club”: “Do you always keep so much shit in your bag?” If you’re a ... Read More »

Warning: Do Not Leave Child Unattended

toilet paper play

I originally thought this post might be a good entry for Listen to Your Mother, but then I decided there’s no way there’s a moral or heartwarming end to this story. So I share it with you now. You’re welcome. I am lucky to be a work-at-home mom whose child goes to day care. For about 6 hours a day, ... Read More »

What’s Happening: Naked Stairs!

upstairs gate

I love that part at the beginning of the Pioneer Woman’s show where she says “here’s what’s happening.” It makes it all the more personal, and because I live in Arkansas and she lives in Oklahoma, we’re practically neighbors, so I can imagine she’s come over for a chat. And maybe to make me mashed potatoes. There’s nothing so exciting ... Read More »

Adult Sleeves to Kid Legwarmers

embellished fabric legwarmers

When it first started getting cold, the Bit went through a brief legwarmer phase. She wanted to wear them to bed (which was great, because she never wants to wear socks, and is sketchy about using a blanket, so any little extra warmth she can get is fine by me) and occasionally wanted to wear them to school or around ... Read More »

Tutu Tutorial

It says something about my age that every time I’ve thought about writing this post (which has been a bunch of times, since I’ve been meaning to do it since last Halloween, as in 2010) I get the song “Sussudio” by Phil Collins stuck in my head (welcome back, 1985!). Anyway, I’m not much of a girly-girl, but I can’t ... Read More »

30-Minute Make Do: Simple Toddler Bedding

My daughter has never had a matching set of bedding. I made her crib bumper, and she mostly had plain white or thrift-store-vintage fitted crib sheets, with a couple of random printed ones from Target thrown in. She’s never had flat sheets (well, I guess I did buy one once, but we hardly used it) because she’s always hated to ... Read More »

Halloween Craftiness, Part Two: The Costume

Every year of my daughter’s life I’ve made some part of her costume. The first year she didn’t really have a costume, because she was seven weeks out of the NICU (and eight weeks out of me) so we weren’t exactly leaving the house. But she did have a Halloween-themed onesie, and I had a pumpkin hat that didn’t really ... Read More »

May the Craft Be With You

So, a week from Halloween seems, to me, like a totally reasonable time to start sewing my daughter’s Halloween costume. I’ve always wanted her to be Yoda for one of her Halloweens, mostly because of this adorable baby Yoda hat that I never made her when she was that little. For her first Halloween she was an 8-week-old preemie, and ... Read More »

The Case for Taking Pictures with Our Kids

Yesterday was our monthly MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, and this month our speaker was a professional photographer and mom who specializes in taking pictures of kids and families. She was there to tell us how to take better pictures of our kids, but she was also there to give us a talking to about not getting in the pictures ... Read More »

Things I Learned Last Week

An improperly wound bobbin can completely wreck your sewing machine’s tension, causing you to swear and fiddle with the tension much longer than would be necessary if you knew this to start with. It’s possible to improperly wind a bobbin. I always thought that was a legend perpetuated by “how to sew” book writers. You (or me, anyway, I don’t ... Read More »