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Finger Painting {Craft Challenge, Day 43}

This morning I just needed to do something fun. Something playful. Something there’s no possible way could be wrong, or messed up or anything other than just what it is. So I pulled out

Paper Weaving {Craft Challenge, Day 30}

I’m a little obsessed with weaving right now, which is going to show over the next few days of challenges. I love weaving because it’s so simple. You can do it with any sorts

Make a DIY Dreamcatcher Out of Crafty Leftovers

One way that I like to challenge my creativity from time to time is to play with crafty leftovers, to take things from other projects or just items from my stash and see what

Notions: Enjoying the Process of Making Art

One of the things that is great about making for kids and adults alike is when you can get engaged in the process of creating more than just trying to get a thing done.

4 Amazing Paper Crafting Books

Paper folding and paper cutting — also known by the Japanese terms origami and kirigami — are big trends in crafting right now, and lots of beautiful paper crafting books are being published to

Homemade Paint Recipe and Experiments

It’s always fun to make your own craft supplies, whether for your kids or your own use. I’m still enjoying the homemade gesso I made a few months ago and need to make a

Notions: Making Art with Kids

I love doing art projects with the girl, but it’s something we’ve been doing a lot of lately. Well, she started a project that hasn’t gotten finished yet, but that will be really cool