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flower art

Let Go of Expectations with Make Bad Art

I have often said — in my head at least, if not out loud — that I think creativity is the thing …

adding black painting

Making Art with Mix it Up

I usually let the girl choose all the books we bring home from the library, but on a recent trip (in which …

using glitter gel as paint

Experimenting with Glitter and Paint

I’ve been doing some cleaning in the girl’s art area lately, and one good thing about that is that it means we’re …

plastic lila

Art is Everywhere

Over the weekend I was invited, along with a group of other bloggers, to tour a relatively new exhibit at Crystal Bridges …

finished art

Getting Back to Craft

While I was working on the book, I was only knitting (and doing some little crafty things with the girl, but nothing …

Make an easy project with your kids using tape and crayons.

Creating with Tape {Kid Craft}

The other day I told you about the big container of wood pieces we got from the girl’s old school. Another thing …