A Week of Kids’ Sewing: The Easiest Bubble Skirt

I had never heard of Elsie Marley until I somewhere came across a notice that this week was Kids’ Sewing Week on her blog, meaning that each day people were going to try to devote themselves to sewing (or cutting, or whatever) clothes for their kids for one hour. The idea being that we all intend to sew for our kids a lot more than we do (as my Pinterest board certainly attests). And also that you can get a lot done in seven hours. Or probably more like five, in my case, since I never get any sewing done on the weekend.

I know I’m crazy buys and certainly did not need another thing, but with summer coming any day now I did want to whip up some cuties for my girl.

I started yesterday with something I figured I could complete in an afternoon: a Bubble Skirt from We Like to Learn as We Go.

bubble skirt
Such a cute little skirt, and easy, too!

The pattern is presented in a kind of strange way, in that it lists the length of the finished skirt and then says you have to double that, which you do, but to my brain it would have been simpler if she’d just given the measurement as the full length of fabric that you need to cut. No matter, I figured it out, and the only thing I had trouble with was the fact that there’s so much fold and pin then fold and pin again stuff that I actually sewed a pin into the elastic casing of the skirt! I found it (ouch!) when I was trying to get the elastic in.

This actually took me a little more than an hour because I had to hunt for my elastic, which was on my desk the whole time, and because I had to finagle that pin out of the casing. Other than that this was a simple delight.

easy bubble skirt
She always closes her eyes in pictures, so it's just as well.

The girl thinks so, too, declaring it “fancy” and good for dancing. She also said this morning “thank you for making me a new skirt, mama,” which is just about the best thing ever.

Today’s sewing, alas, did not go as well. I was happily working on the Solar Dress from Indietudeswhen my machine went kathunk. I took my foot off the gas and yet somehow, I swear after I stopped powering the machine, this happened.

sewing machine snafu
Somehow the binding is now under the bobbin!

So until I can get my machine taken apart to get the binding out from under the bobbin carriage (how does that even happen?) my sewing project is stalled.

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