Craft Stick Snowflake Craft {Iron Craft Challenge}

craft stitck snowflake

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The Iron Craft challenge for this week was white, and I’m not really ready to contemplate snow, but I did have a lot of craft sticks lying around the house so I thought why not make some classic craft stick snowflakes? craft stitck snowflake

We actually made several of these — the girl helped — but this is the only one that’s gotten fully decorated so far. We were too distracted by leaf crafts, which we’ll get to soon.

What You’ll Need

  • craft sticks, 4 per snowflake
  • white glue
  • white paint (I used plain acrylic and some of the girl’s white glitter paint)
  • silver glitter glue
  • optional: other embellishments, stickers, buttons, etc.

What You’ll Doglued craft sticks

  1. Glue the sticks together at the center. Start with an x shape, then put another stick on across diagonally and then again on the other diagonal to make sort of an asterisk shape. Allow to dry. painted craft sticks
  2. Paint. This was a white challenge, so I used white acrylic and glitter paint, but you can use anything you like. Allow to dry. embellished craft stick snowflake
  3. Draw details on with glitter glue. I put big dots at the tips of the snowflake, then drew lines across the sticks, but you can do whatever you like. If the kids are doing it, no doubt theirs will end up a lot more colorful (I’ll share when the girl gets to hers).

If you want to add more embellishments, now’s the time.

You can just stick this in the Christmas tree without any hook, or poke a little hole in one of the sticks to make a place for a hook or a bit of ribbon to go through. You could also use it as a gift embellishment or just prop some on the fireplace mantel.

I left the back of mine plain but you may want to paint it white or even decorate that side, too, depending on what your plans for it are.

Do you ever decorate with craft sticks? I’d love to hear what you do!

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