Pop of Orange Circle Art {Iron Craft ’13 Challenge}

circle wall art collage

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The Iron Craft challenge for this week was to create something using the color orange (or the fruit, I suppose). I immediately thought of some orange fabric I have, though I ended up using some less-dramatically orange fabric.

I wanted to make a little organizer out of an embroidery hoop, but I don’t know where any embroidery hoops are in my house, and I’m avoiding the craft store right now, so I decided to make a wall hanging out of something I did have: a round cheese container.

circle wall art collage
Yes, you can still see the cheese container through the fabric. Next time I’ll paint it first. Or use thicker fabric.

This was a lot of fun. I’m really getting into hand-sewing and collage these days. This may be my new thing. I want to make a million of them. The Bit will have to eat more cheese.

What You’ll Need

fabric collage supplies
Gather a bunch of fun stuff to make your collage/wall art.
  • one side of a Baby Bel container, or similar round paperboard container (I used the lid)
  • piece of fabric big enough to cover
  • embellishments (I used another bit of fabric and a button)
  • fabric glue
  • sewing supplies (optional)

What You’ll Do

circle wall art collage
My wall art with bird and button.
  1. Decide how you want your fabric to be positioned on the base. Embellish as you like. I sewed an orange button into a circle, cut out a paisley design from another piece of fabric and sewed that down with a running stitch. I also made a beak and a leg because it looked likeĀ  bird to me. Later I decided I wanted to button to look like a flower, so I drew on the fabric with a silver Pitt pen.
  2. Glue the fabric to the top of the base, then along the side. Allow to dry, then glue along the inside of the base and press the fabric to that, too, to hide the edges. Trim the excess fabric.

    wall art closeup
    After I’d done my gluing, I decided I wanted a flower, so I drew it on.
  3. I thought about gluing orange polka dot ribbon to the outside edge, but because I used the lid instead of the base of the container, my ribbon was a little too wide. I may yet add some ribbon or twine or something for a different texture. Feel free to add ribbon or any other embellishments you can glue on at this stage.
  4. Hang on the wall. Enjoy.

Do you like orange? Do you have anything orange in your home? I’d love to hear how you use this bold color. And while you’re thinking orange, check out Kat’s cool Orange Slice Cowl, which uses a pop of orange to brighten up an easy winter warmer.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing!

In case you missed it, my first Iron Craft was refashioned canvas shoes. I’m wearing them as I write this and they’re so cute!

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