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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pumpkin Patch Redo {Semi-Wordless Wednesday}


I’ve tried from time to time to do Wordless Wednesday on my blog at About (it’s been a long time) but I could never just post a picture and not talk about it a little bit. Last week we recovered from our first failed visit to the pumpkin patch by visiting on a day that was pretty much the opposite ... Read More »

Five Minutes of CraftFail Fame

maxi dress craft fail

Guys, check me out! Back in April I tried to sew a “simple” maxi dress made out of fabric with a T-shirt top that I found on Pinterest. It seemed simple enough, but I just could not get the dang thing to make a ruffle like it was supposed to. I wrote about it back then, and the good people ... Read More »

A Story about Two Honorable Men

I don’t make a big deal a lot of the time about the fact that I was a journalism major in school and spent some time in the newspaper (and then the book publishing) business before leaving it all behind for the glamor and fame of craft writing. (Ha!) But even though I don’t consider most of what I do ... Read More »

Touring Tyson with Blogger Friends

tyson chicken cow

Because my husband has worked at Tyson Foods for many years (well longer than I’ve done anything in my life) I feel like I know a lot about the company that’s one of the major employers in the region we call home. But I jumped at the chance to learn more when I was invited to join a handful of ... Read More »

A Post from the Past {Blogtober Fest}

lengthen a shirt

Today’s challenge form Blogtober Fest is to promote and old post. This is an easy one for me because it’s my most popular post ever. How to Lengthen a Shirt with Another Shirt was born out of the frustration of having a tall, skinny kid whose tummy was always showing in her shirts long before she was ready to go ... Read More »

A New Fall Tradition, Maybe {Blogtober Fest}

climbing hay

Today’s challenge was to write about a fall tradition. We don’t really have any fall traditions yet in our little family of three. The Bit should have been about two weeks old for her first Halloween; instead she was a wee preemie who wasn’t getting anywhere near trick-or-treating. Her second Halloween was celebrated at the Botanical Garden; her third we ... Read More »

BBQ Inspiration from the Experts at #DibsOnMyRibs

bbq baked tofu

I’m a big fan of food that doesn’t necessarily take a short time to cook but instead takes a short time to prepare, meaning my time actively working is limited even if the cooking time is long. I love making bread and soups, for example, because even though the time needed for bread to rise or soup to simmer is ... Read More »

Fall is My Season {Blogtober Fest!}

I have always loved fall for a lot of reasons. I love the change in the seasons that’s so obvious when going from summer to fall. I love the feeling of needing to hunker down, clean up and make ready that the crispness in the air brings (even in the south where our winters aren’tusually that bad). I love that ... Read More »

Things I Want to Do When the Book is Done


If you visit this site very often, you know that I’m writing a book. A book about knitting for babies. It’s going to be an awesome book, but it’s due in a month and two days and I’m a little freaking out about it. There’s still so. much. to. do. (I guess this is what it feels like to be ... Read More »

Hang on to Summer with Some Barbecue Inspiration

kraft bbq sauce walmart

I don’t know how it is where you live (though, frankly, I probably do since most of my readers are local), but this has been a completely strange year weatherwise in Arkansas. We went from warmer than we’d like to a few cold days to finally more like what we expect from fall: cold mornings and warm afternoons, such that ... Read More »

Stopping Stress Face, and a Giveaway for You!

therapon theraderm skin renewal

I have never been the sort of girl who had any sort of beauty routine. My mom never wears makeup so I never did when I was younger, and I still don’t with any regularity, though I’m trying to the more I notice that it does make a difference (I’m pretty darn pasty without it). When it comes to skincare ... Read More »

Halloween Playdough

halloween playdough play

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m just a wee bit obsessed with homemade playdough. I’ve made no fewer than six different versions and actually have my favorite recipe memorized. That one makes a lot, so I lately have been making a half recipe, which still seems to make a lot, but stored properly it lasts a really ... Read More »