Monthly Archive:: September 2012

Couldn’t Get Away From Crafting, Even if I Tried

It’s no secret that I love crafting in all its forms. I make stuff for my kid, stuff for me (occasionally). I make stuff for a living (at least in part). I love to

Rainbow Pom-Pom Garlands!

The Bit had a three-year-birthday celebration that lasted a good three weeks (with three parties!), and we finally finished up with her big party with friends at Boingo Bounce, a local indoor place full

To Prove that I am Writing

Yeah, so, I’d like this site to be a little more than Our Weekly Craft while I’m mired in busyness for the next eight weeks (!) so I wanted to let you know that

I Love My Cats, But Sometimes I Don’t Like Them Very Much

This is Louis. Louis was my baby before I had a baby. He was the cat I picked when we were visiting the litter at my sweetie’s parent’s house (or I guess you could

Make Your Own Chalkboards with Clear Chalkboard Coating

I haven’t been doing a lot of crafting lately, other than knitting for my book, which is going to be the way it is for the next six weeks. We’re going to get pretty

Monday Morning Making: A Lesson About Being Prepared

Over the weekend we bought an itty bitty pumpkin at the grocery store. It’s a little early to decorate for Halloween, but pumpkins in their whole form are perfectly appropriate for fall, and they’re

A Job for Which I am Completely Unqualified

I’m a Virgo, which anyone who knows anything about astronomy will assume means that I’m logical, analytical and well organized. In fact, this random website that came up first when I Googled “Virgo characteristics”