Monthly Archive:: July 2012

Improvised Asian Noodles

I love noodles in just about any way you could think to serve them, but this time of year, hot as it’s been, what I really love is things in the genre of pasta

Playdough Profusion

It’s funny how kids go through cycles with things they want to play with. As any regular readers know, I’m a little obsessed with playdough, but the Bit doesn’t always feel the same way.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint: A Huge Hit at My House

Before the week that the Bit had off from school, we had a few days off earlier in the month and I was looking for something fun and new to make for her to

“This is Fun Gak”

Last week my daughter was home from preschool for “summer break,” and I wanted to do some fun, new things with her. We went on her first trip to the museum (didn’t see any

Wanted: Local Moms with Adorable Babies

People who keep in touch with me on a semi-regular basis know that I’m working on a book all about knitting for babies. It will feature a bunch of relatively easy but still fun

In Which I’m Reduced to Blogging About My Lunch

If Murphy had been a blogger, there would have been a law to the effect that, as soon as you have things to blog about, you will not have time for blogging. And so

A Winner and New Stuff

I should have mentioned a couple of days ago that the winner of the Knit Red book is commenter 7, Judy, who said Both my father and my husband’s father died at an early