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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Test-Driving Glittery Paint

painting glitter paint

The other day I went to Target, as I often do, and I cruised down the craft aisles, as I almost always do, just to see if anything great is on sale (they have really good clearance prices on stickers from time to time, for instance) and I came across the Kid Made Modern line of craft supplies they’re carrying. ... Read More »

Super Simple Stamps

Sticker stamp

Last night the girl and I were making art as we often do on Sunday nights, trying out some new paint (which I’ll tell you about soon) and some new to us crayons (the Twistables, which are lots of fun) and some old favorites. We hadn’t played with stamps in a long time but the Bit’s grammie was over on ... Read More »

Knit Red Giveaway

knit red

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. Women are five times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer, but a lot of women don’t know their risks, the signs of a heart attack in women or what they can do to improve their heart health. Laura Zander of Jimmy Beans Wool wanted to ... Read More »

Making Time for Art

paintbrush pen art

As I write this, I’m peeking in on a Twitter conversation known as #craftsocial. It’s a monthly meetup where crafty types talk about various things related to art and craft, sometimes business-related, sometimes not. Today they happen to be talking about art journals, which is why I made a point to stop in, since that’s kind of what I’ve been ... Read More »

Mending Time

fixed straps

I am, apparently, hell on straps on summer dresses and tops. Or at least my washing machine is. I had a maxi dress and a top that ended up with completely broken straps, and other maxi that was in danger of detaching from the dress (that one was a design flaw, because on closer inspection both of the straps were ... Read More »

An Artful Collaboration

jeweled collaboration

The girl has been waking up much earlier than I’d like this week, and the other morning I guess I drifted off for a minute after she left our room and I didn’t know what she was up to. I asked what she was doing and she said “drawing and reading books.” (There was no evidence she was actually reading ... Read More »

Found it on Pinterest: Easy Yeast Rolls


It is the way of life that less than 24 hours after I wrote a post wondering if Pinerest wasn’t getting just a little bit evil — and even before I actually typed up said post — I would find myself turning to Pinterest for something, making it immediately and feeling really good about the process. You see, my husband ... Read More »

That’s Pinteresting: Making More, Creating Less

found it on pinterest

I love Pinterest. Anyone who’s ever visited this blog knows this. I’ve gotten some of my favorite crafty recipes and ideas from the site (or used it to store ideas I found elsewhere) and there’s no doubt I wouldn’t have found some of those things — wouldn’t have even known to look for them — without Pinterest. (No water beads? ... Read More »

Book Club of One: Steal Like an Artist

how to steal like an artist

Over the weekend we happened to spend most of the day up at my mother-in-law’s house, including the Bit’s naptime. My sweetie was helping her move furniture around, but I wasn’t, so I fired up the Kindle up on my phone to find something to read. What I settled on was Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, a tiny ... Read More »

Trying Something New

box loom

I feel like I have been away from the blog — and from crafting, which is why I’ve been away from the blog — much too much lately. It’s a little bit burnout, a little bit physical injury (my right arm/wrist have been giving me lots of trouble lately), a lot that I had a lot of extra work over ... Read More »

Improving on a Classic, Part Two: Banana Muffins

banana muffins

A few months ago I told you abut my family’s banana bread recipe and how I’ve pretty completely altered it to have less sugar, almost no white flour and plenty of whole-grainy goodness. For a few weeks there it seemed like I always had exactly two bananas getting old on the counter, where I tend to like three for my ... Read More »