Monthly Archive:: April 2012

Sewing Week Update: The Solar Dress

I was writing something on another issue over the weekend and I noted that, though I tend to start projects with great enthusiasm, I am horrid at finishing. And so it was with Elsie

Making Friends on the Farm

Our university’s Division of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension Service join up each year to put on a program called Farm Friends, which allows “city” kids to see and touch farm animals they might

A Week of Kids’ Sewing: The Easiest Bubble Skirt

I had never heard of Elsie Marley until I somewhere came across a notice that this week was Kids’ Sewing Week on her blog, meaning that each day people were going to try to

Craft Gossip Fork & Talk Recap

A rare confluence of crafty goodness made it so four editors from the highly addictive website Craft Gossip happen to live in Central Arkansas. Because of that happy circumstance, Little Rock gets to host

We Have a Winner! Felty Book Giveaway

Hi, all! I’m on my way to Little Rock for what promises to be a fun day of crafting and fellowship with some other crafty bloggers and some of the fine ladies from Craft

Homemade Playdough is Magic

Last weekend we had a couple of friends and their kids over for a cookout, which meant we went from a household with one kid to a house full of six, ranging in ages

In Which Pinterest Fails Me for (Probably Not) the Last Time

Ahh, the Internet: making hard things look easy since the online tutorial was invented. One of the very first things I ever pinned on Pinterest (20 weeks ago!) was this tutorial from A Small