Monthly Archive:: March 2012

Use Kid’s Art in a Piece of Wall Art

Little kids make a lot of art. Which is great. It’s fun to see them try out new things, and to go from random scribbles to lines (my girl loves lines) and circles and,

The Great Clothing Blitz of 2012

During Spring Break I took my daughter to the mall. There’s a gymnastics place there that does meetups for our playgroup, and it’s lots of fun to jump around and get some energy out

Easter Discovery Bucket

I have been calling these seasonal boxes that I’ve been doing for the Bit lately “sensory boxes,” and I guess they are, because you certainly engage your sense to explore them, but this Easter-themed

Our Desk of Perpetual Sorrow

In our old house, I had a tiny desk. I used an antique secretary as my desk, so once I put my widescreen laptop on it there was barely room for a book beside

Cleaning Up the Counter of Annoyance

I mentioned, I think, that I have a really excellent kitchen. It’s big, and has lots of counter space, and will be even better for entertaining when we can get some barstools after the

Putting Yourself Out There

One of the cool things about being a mama writer where I live is that there is a great community of writer mamas around here. Whether bloggers, magazine publishers, website owners or book authors,

Making Your Own Bubbles

We’re having a pretty rainy (as in more than 5 inches expected over a couple of day) Spring Break, and are quickly realizing the importance of getting outside when you can. After the Bit’s