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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Toddler Busy Bag Swap, Part Three

size sorting busy bag

Welcome to part three of five of the great toddler busy bag swap roundup! These posts are about to get much shorter as today I’m getting to the bags that we don’t actually have in our possession, so I’ll have a lot less to say about them. Clothesline Busy Bag We did get one of these, and it’s adorable. It ... Read More »

Toddler Busy Bag Swap, Part Two

playing button match

In the first part of this series I looked at some of the busy bags that we received as part of a toddler busy bag swap and gauged my daughter’s reaction to them. Since we managed to play with a few more of them last night, I’ll be doing the same today, then I’ll move on to bags we didn’t ... Read More »

Toddler Busy Bag Swap, Part One

pompom busy bag

I figured out when I was going through the pictures from our toddler busy bag swap that we actually had 25 different bags, other than my own. So I’m going to spend this week explaining all of them, five at a time. I will provide links to somewhere with instructions on how to make each one, but I don’t know ... Read More »

Found it on Pinterest: Button Snakes

button snake

A mama friend of mine who is also a bit addicted to Pinterest suggested to our local Playgroup that we should have a toddler/preschooler busy bag swap. I thought this was such a brilliant i dea I wished I’d thought of it myself, and I volunteered to help a little (not that there was much to help with) and thought ... Read More »

Water Bead Fun Fact, Plus a Look into My Crazy Bag

stuff in my bag

There is a lot of stuff in my purse. It’s such a big purse, in fact, that I usually call it “my bag” instead, because “purse” just doesn’t seem to do it justice. I’m reminded of the question put to Ally Sheedy’s character in “The Breakfast Club”: “Do you always keep so much shit in your bag?” If you’re a ... Read More »

How to Host a House Party

dinosaur crown

It’s fun to get free stuff, and to get to hang out with your friends, and hosting a House Party is a great way to do both. If you don’t know about House Party, it’s a free website that you sign up on and then you can get information about different hosting opportunities they have going on. As I write ... Read More »

Things I Love: Documentaries on Netflix

netflix logo

Netflix streaming may be the best thing that ever happened to people who make a living at yarncraft. Probably sewing and other creative pursuits, too. And probably even for people who don’t make a living at such things. It’s so great to be able to find something interesting to watch at the push of a button to entertain you while ... Read More »

The View from My Desk

art wire

Last year I had a wall calendar that hung right behind my computer monitor. I loved it because I could look up at any time and know what day it was, as well as what day it would be in the future if I was pre-writing posts or content for About. It took up a lot of real estate, but ... Read More »

Near-Instant Hair Clip Organization

hair clip organizer

When the Bit was a baby, I never thought to put bows or clips in her hair. This was, apparently, a mistake, because by the time her hair was long enough that I really wanted to use them, she refused. It was a milestone the day she allowed me to put barrettes in her hair (pink plastic cat and the ... Read More »

Last-Mintue Quick, Cute Cutout Cards

cutout drawing cards

I hesitated to use the word “Valentine’s” in the title for this article because I don’t want you to think that this concept is just for Valentines. Pick any shape you want to cut out on the front of a card, glue part of a child’s drawing over the hole and you’ve got the perfect little card for grandparents, teachers ... Read More »

Semi-Homemade Valentines

chocolat e playdough valentines

I don’t know why I decided I wanted to make a little something for all the kids at the Bit’s preschool for Valentine’s Day, but I did. (I’m sure I would have though better of it had I realized there were three birthdays — among seven kids — in the next three weeks, not to mention three other birthdays we’re ... Read More »

Found it on Pinterest: Recycled Alphabet Crayons

finished recycled crayons

My daughter went through a phase when she was first using crayons when she loved to break them but then wouldn’t use them after they were broken. So we have quite a collection of crayon pieces just sitting around. Pinterest has a trove of ideas for melting down and recycling crayons. The first crayon craft I pinned was actually a ... Read More »