Monthly Archive:: January 2012

Improving on a Classic

My family does not do a great job eating bananas. We seem to buy some almost every week, but a week rarely goes by when we actually finish a bunch before it turns brown.

Lesson of the New Year #2: I Can’t Do It All

I had been doing well with some of my New Year’s resolutions, especially working out every day during the week and taking some extra time each day for cleaning and organizing chores that don’t

Found It On Pinterest: The Great Playdough Throwdown, Part Two

For the second round of the Great Pinterest Playdough Throwdown, I tried a pretty basic recipe (courtesy of the blog adeylnSTONE), which may actually be the recipe I tried the first time I made

Things I Love: My Notebooks

We all have different ways of trying to keep organized. Some people keep calendars in their email or on their phones. Some people have paper calendars. Some people write lists. I have notebooks. I

Pantry Raid

Clearly I watch too much Food Network. Last week I was talking about “here’s what’s happening” and this week I’m stealing episode titles from “Good Eats.” Shameful. Over the weekend I decided at the

Woman’s Dress to Dress up Clothes

Last year sometime I read an article online, which I did not keep so I can’t give credit to, all about using teen and women’s formal dresses from the thrift store as dress up

Warning: Do Not Leave Child Unattended

I originally thought this post might be a good entry for Listen to Your Mother, but then I decided there’s no way there’s a moral or heartwarming end to this story. So I share