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January 2012

Banana Bread

Improving on a Classic

My family does not do a great job eating bananas. We seem to buy some almost every week, but a week rarely …

pattern sketch

Things I Love: My Notebooks

We all have different ways of trying to keep organized. Some people keep calendars in their email or on their phones. Some …

green pasta

Pantry Raid

Clearly I watch too much Food Network. Last week I was talking about “here’s what’s happening” and this week I’m stealing episode …

dress up formal

Woman’s Dress to Dress up Clothes

Last year sometime I read an article online, which I did not keep so I can’t give credit to, all about using …

toilet paper play

Warning: Do Not Leave Child Unattended

I originally thought this post might be a good entry for Listen to Your Mother, but then I decided there’s no way …