Make Art with a Leaf {Craft Challenge, Day 44}

The girl likes to pick things up outside, like most kids do, and I sometimes have trouble just throwing them back outside even though she doesn’t ever notice if I do. Which explains why

Finger Painting {Craft Challenge, Day 43}

This morning I just needed to do something fun. Something playful. Something there’s no possible way could be wrong, or messed up or anything other than just what it is. So I pulled out

Be Kind to Your Heart #NWArkCares

Valentine’s Day is a time when we think about our hearts in a romantic way, but it’s also a great time to think about how we treat our actual hearts and what we can

Make a Washi Tape Craft {Craft Challenge, Day 42}

I love a good washi tape craft. It’s been a long time since I played with this fun patterned tape, so I thought I would try using some of it to help me make

Make a Mood Board for Yourself {Craft Challenge, Day 41}

Something about vision boards rubs me the wrong way. I know some people swear by them, saying they made a collage of all the things they wanted and actually ended up getting them. It’s

Looking Back on 40 Days of Creative Challenges

It’s day 40 of 2016. Already. I’ve been meaning to do a little post looking back on the first month, now a month plus a little more. I managed to keep my promise to

Found Object Drawings {Craft Challenge, Day 40}

Today’s challenge is all about seeing common things in a different way. And you can do it wherever you are. Pick up a couple of things from your desk, bedside table, junk drawer, countertop.